Sathya 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Sathya making fun of Prabhu

Sathya 23rd November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Sathya applying oil to Prabhu, Soumya applying oil to Kathir. Prabhu complaining to Sathya that his eyes are burning because of oil so stop applying it to him. Sathya replies to him that today is diwali we wanna apply oil to hair like this only. She just started now.

Prabhu widen his eyes and starts to run from there to take a bath. Sathya is chasing him to stop him. Janaki comes there and ask Prabhu to sit silently. Kathir complaints to Soumya his eyes also burning.

Soumya says to Janaki she has no experience to do it all? Janaki complaints nowadays all girls are saying this to elders. If they didn’t learn now then when will learn all? Prabhu pleading to her that he wanna take bath so leave him she applied oil on his face too. Janaki smiles seeing it.

Sadhashivam coming down to hall. Veerasingham and Anitha are watching cinema there. Sadhasivam informs to Anitha that he is leaving to Office. Indhumathi stops him and question him why did he going to office in Diwali too? He replies to her whatelse he do then Prabhu left from office without tension for that Sathya he can’t sit silent seeing this all. Nirmala ask him will he come for lunch atleast?

Sadashivam replies to her that he need 2hours to reach the site atleast so he can’t assure anything. Indhumathi thinks he will be back after 2 hours so she can visit Sathya house in this time. Even Nirmala also planning the same. Before Indhumathi saying Nirmala says to her she is going to temple and leaves. Indhumathi lies to Anitha she forget to gift priest for Diwali so she is going to his house to gift him.

Prabhu reading newspaper. Sathya forcefully takes him out to light up the crackers even after know he was scared of it. Prabhu lies to her he has no fear and pretend like an bare man acting to light up the crackers.

Sathya admiring his fear. She is teasing him using Kathir. Sathya light up the crackers. He hugs her in the fear. He is doing it often both hugging each other forgetting the world. Soumya wakes them up from their romantic world.

Saravana searching for Selvi. Anitha informs to him she is on leave today. He gets irrittated hearing it. He wanna trap her by gifting Sarie. So he dials to her and ask her to come to home he wanna gift something to her. She refuse it by saying she wanna go to Sathya house and disconnect the call. Saravana gets irked by her reply.

Episode end.