Sathya 23rd October 2020 Written Update: Prabhu makes Sasi pay for his loose talk.

Sathya 23rd October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Sathya sitting in garden thinking about the morning incident. She is hurt by Prabhu words. Soumya comes there and sits with her. She ask to Sathya did she finished washing his clothes? Sathya lies to her yeah she done it perfectly she even ironed it for him Amul baby praised her a lot for her work.

Soumya says to her don’t need to lie she saw how did she tore his shirt in morning in the name of washing it. Sathya smiles sheepishly and ask to her Did you see it ? Soumya replies not only this but also Brother shouting on her too. Sathya ask her to leave it and forget it. Soumya ask to her if she do like this how will Prabhu will love her? Sathya gets up from her place and moves a bit far from her and stand silent. Soumya says to her she came to know it today that they are living like friends actually and pretending like husband and wife for others. Sathya says to her its not wrong to be friends.

Soumya replies to her she too know it but whole life pretending like husband and wife is wrong. Sathya replies to her she is happy with it actually Prabhu taking care of her well. She is smiling always with him. Soumya complaints to her that someone smiling always doesn’t mean she is living an happy life. She deserved to live an happy life. Soumya shares to Sathya she knew well Sathya is not wrong in it but Prabhu whom staying away from her. She ask Sathya to impress him. Sathya replies to her she tried a lot but nothing worked out. Soumya gives an idea to Sathya and ask her to follow it. Sathya sigh hearing it.

Sashi comes to Prabhu house in his bike. He is talking to himself for what purpose he called him to meet him immediately? Is he gonna give promotion to him or cash? Whatever it is he wanna act like refusing it to impress him. He walked in happily. Anitha, Veerasingham and Sadashivam were there.

Anitha stops him and ask him to get out of the house immediately. He gets shock and ask to her why should he go out? What did he done wrong to stare him angrily? Anitha ask to him how dare he stop Soumya marriage along with Prabhu and acted infront of all. After done this much how could he enter into this house ? Sashi says to them god promise he has no idea about his plan at all. He learned the truth in mandap along with them.

Sadashivam says don’t lie he is his close friend so he is supporting Prabhu. He trusted Singaram after Sasi praise him. Sasi says to him even he fall for his looks. He even request him to give job to him but he doesn’t know its Prabhu. He comes to know it when everyone comes to know. He was also shocked like others. He tried to promise on everyone head. He fall on Sadashivam feet and ask him to trust him. He done like that.

Sashi says to him may he hide this from him because he used to blabber everything. Anitha ask to him why did he come here now? He replies to her that Prabhu called him to meet him soon. Sadashivam ask to him what was that important work he is doing in home. Sashi says to him he has no idea about this also?

He enters into Prabhu room. He gives one 50thousand cheque to Sashi name. He was happy to see it and pretend like refusing it. Prabhu snatched it from him and ask him to check the mail he send to him. He comes to shock learning he terminate him from work for badmouthing on Prabhu to Singharam. Sashi fall on his feet and beg him to forgive him. Prabhu forgive him and give back his job to him but his salary debited into 15thousand. Sashi says to himself no one girl looked him when he earned 30 thousand now no one dare to see him. His life ended up not marrying anyone.

Sathya checking her mobile. Prabhu comes there buying new clothes. Sathya praised his new shirt. He says to her he brought it for safe who knows when Sathya will wash his clothes. He pleads to her don’t wash his clothes again. Sathya pouts and remind Soumya words if we stay away from husband romance won’t work out so go close to him. Sathya touching his shirt buttons romantically.