Sathya 23rd September 2020 Written Update: Sathya gave the idea to Soumya to meet Kathir

Sathya 23rd September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Prabhu tie the knot to Sathya and blessed her Soumya stare them and think about Kathir she wished to do this with Kathir too. After they leaves Sathya stops infront of Anitha and ask to them in teasing way are they confused how did she chanted those mantras when she has no faith in god?

 Anitha glares her back. She ask this to Veerasingham he shook his head ib different sides. Sathya replies to them that she studied all mantras from google because her mother in law explained to her its very important pooja for husband. She has more sentiment when its comes to husband that’s why she learn it but she never thought it will be useful to break her nose.

Veerasingham gulps seeing her Anitha glares her back. Sathya ask her to forward her hand but she didn’t. Sathya snapped her fingers two bulb were hanging in Anitha ears. Sathya smiles seeing it turns on. Veerasingham says bulbs lighting brightly. Anitha bang his head and leaves.

Sathya is adjusting her sarie Prabhu comes there and praise Sathya for her presence in pooja he never expected her to nail it. He ask to her how comes she says it all when she has no faith in god. Sathya says she learned it for Prabhu she done it for his good future, she will do anything for him. Prabhu forward his hands she held it both starts to dance according to the music romantically.

Prabhu dreamt it all. Sathya ask to him why did he staring her like that?  He replies to her that he is not a good husband to her yet. She says he is making her happy always and trying his best not to hurt her and supporting her in all situation what else she needs more doesn’t it mean he is an good husband to her. He says she trying not to hurt him, how could she speak to him normal when she hides so much pain inside her.

Sathya replies that nothing like that she is so happy with him. He ask to her what should he do for her? Sathya replies he just wanna remember the fact she loves him unconditional that’s enough. Prabhu feels emotional Sathya push him to go to office.

Soumya entered into Sathya room and pleads her to help to do the pooja with Kathir. Sathya scold her and tries to explain her situation is worst but she pleads to her. Sathya shares a plan with Soumya and Kathir and ask her to perform it without getting doubt.

Soumya getting ready to go out, Nirmala enquire her she replies lethagically, she informed this to Sadashivam he comes there to stop her. He question her where is she going? She replies to him casually she is going out with her future husband, he scold her and blame Sathya behind her attittude.

Sathya ask to him why did he blaming her unnecessarily even Indhumathi takes stands for her. Vetrivelu comes there and informs to them that he is taking her out Sadashivam send her with him. Anitha says to Sadashivam she couldn’t believe her sudden change.

Soumya reach the temple and hugs Kathir tighter.  Vetrivelu coming on that side