Sathya 24th June 2021 Written Update: Divya plotting against Sathya

Sathya 24th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Divya puts garland on Sathya wedding photo and says to her that she put this garland to take revenge on her. Sathya is living her life here she has no rights to ask her to return it. But she can able to destroy it. She is her sister she has no quality other then this? From childhood days Janaki liked Divya more then Sathya now she accepted her after Sathya asked her to do it. She will change everything soon.

She will never allow them to live happily after snatching her life and happiness from her. She started her game already she will never sit quit till she get what she want. They gonna see her real game now. Sadhasivam says to Anitha that she wishes to fix Saravana marriage with one rich family. But Sathya ruined it. Nirmala adds that not only this she spoiled his life too. She is getting anger whenever she is thinking about her son future.

Sadhasivam says that he can’t able to do anything against her yet. She made them blabber like this and she is happy there. He can’t able to allow her to live happily. Anitha says she wanna show her real place to her. Anitha asks him to do something.

Sadhasivam says that Indhumathi and Prabhu are supporting Sathya a lot. Let’s separate them from her first. Sadhasivam wishes to turns them against Sathya. Sadhasivam says that they are praising her because she is a good one. Let’s damage hed character first then everything will happen in its way. Let’s create a bad image to Sathya in front of Prabhu. Anitha appreciate that idea and doubts will they believe it. Sadhasivam says let’s bring someone new here by saying he is Sathya’s old lover. She roamed around with her. Anitha says that Indhumathi will hate Sathya if she comes to know that she was cheating Prabhu.

Divya says it won’t happen. Divya questions them Is they trying to damage Sathya name and destroy her life? May Sathya was alone these many days now she is with her to support her. They didn’t expected to see her come here and support Sathya? Divya says that they failed in their plan because they are planning like this. Leave her matter to her she will deal with her. Sathya is not only their enemy but also her too. Because of her she lost her life.

She talked with Prabhu he accepted Sathya whole hearted. Even Sathya has good understanding with each other. They can’t able to create misunderstanding inbetween them
Anitha says that she was scared for a second. Divya says to then don’t be rush in Sathya’s matter. She is waiting for a good opportunity to ruin her. One day she will get bad times too on that day she will take her revenge on her. Anitha questions Sadhasivam how will they trust Divya? He informs to her that they have no option then believing her.

Mandapoona reminds Makan that his birthday is coming soon so they needs treat. Makan says to them that he has no money. Mandapoona asks him to approach Sathya for money. Makan says that Sathya will kick him out if she learns the truth. Makan’s friend comes there with drinks bottle and asks him to drink it. He leaves from there with his scooter. Makan is working in his service shop. Mandapoona asks them to hide from Sathya that they drank yesterday.

Dhanam comes there and gives snacks to them. Makan praises the drinks and enquires him about it. He gets a phone call and attends it. His friend alerts him that today is also checking in road so don’t roam around. He nods to him. He asks Makan to take care of his scooter till he come back. Mandapoona questions him what business he is doing? He says that he is doing finance. He leaves from there when his friend comes there. He finds out that he forget to take his bike key.

Episode end.