Sathya 24th September 2020 Written Update: Sathya beating the thief

Sathya 24th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Soumya and Vetrivelu reached the temple , Soumya says to him that she forget to by the pooja things he goes to buy it Soumya use this chance to meet Kathir . She hugs him happily, he ask to her why did she taking the risk varalakshmi pooja will come next year too . She reasoned to him she is his wife so she couldn’t sit there silently , they move near idol he place the vermillion on her thaali and filled her hairline too. He blessed her .

Makan and Mandapoona comes there and punchard Vetrivelu car. They introduced to him friendly and pretend to help him . Soumya says to him that he got late so she is leaving . She leaves with  Kathir in his bike . Sathya is sitting in her room Prabhu comes there frustrated and throw the file on bed.

Prabhu says they are making him fool. Sathya ask to him what happened ? Prabhu inform to her that Soumya visited Temple with Vetrivelu . Sathya ask to him what’s wrong in it ? He narrates to her the scene how Soumya plead to him to stop this marriage . Sathya reply to him what should she do when her dad force her to go with him. Prabhu says she should stood adamant in her decision . Satya says will Sadashivam listen to her words he is stubborn .

Sathya says atleast Vetrivelu knew to take his would be out but somepeople doesn’t know this all. Prabhu ask to her does she mentioning him ? Sathya replies ofcurse she is talking about him. Prabhu tells her that he takes her out and done shopping with her too. Sathya says its not she meant . She go close to him and says she wanna go honeymoon with him. Prabhu says he is still treating her like a friend. Sathya says in frustration she will be aged when he gets an idea to take her to honeymoon and leaves. Prabhu complaints that everyone tessing him.

Prabhu give 1crore Sadashivam for the marriage preparations. One masked man entered in and snatched the money from them pointing the gun. Sathya comes infront of him and snatched it from him and beats him hard. He removed the mask and says he is Saravanan. Sathya stops beating him when they introduced him as Soumya brother . He ask to them who is she ?

Indhumathi introduce her with him as Sathya. Prabhu explains to her that he is always do crazy pranks like this from childhood days now returned to india for Soumya marriage.

Sadashivam talking with Nirmala about shopping , Saravana comes there , his mom invite him to accompany her for shopping he deny the idea Sadashivam support him when Nirmala force him. After they left He advise to Soumya marrying rich person is good for her life . Money decides everything . Prabhu and Sathya comes down to go for shopping . Sadashivam says he only invited him not Sathya.