Sathya 25th June 2021 Written Update: Sathya gets arrested

Sathya 25th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhanam finds out that his key is missing. His friend question him what’s happened? He informs to him he forget to take the key. His friend questions him why is he behaving like this? Doesn’t he know drugs is inside the scooty? Dhanam tells him nothing to worry they are close to him so he will manage them. He dials to Makan phone. He asked him to keep his scooty safe till he returns. They nods and disconnects the call. Sathya reaches there and complaints to them that they are chitchatting with each other instead of working here. They denies it.

Sathya asks them to work asap. Prabhu calls to her she attend the call. He enquires to her where is she? Sathya informs to him that she is in office. Prabhu misunderstand that she is in his office and not coming inside. Sathya informs to her she is in her office. Prabhu tells her she might mentions it as service centre. Sathya nods smiling. Prabhu asks her to meet him immediately reasoning he wanna introduces her to his friend. He says to her that he is leaving in noon flight. Sathya nods to him.

Sathya starts her bike but it’s not starting. Sathya tells to Makan it will take time to repair it so she wanna use someone bike to reaches there. Prabhu wanna meet her soon. She even refused to accept his lift also? She notices Dhanam’s bike there and informs to him she will use it. Makan assures to her nothing to worry he will come back in evening to take it. Sathya going in that bike. Police checking there. Sathya asks the constable to let her leave reasoning she wanna meet someone immediately. He says to her he can’t able to allow her. It’s drug smuggling case so they wanna check everyone thoroughly. Sathya asks him to check soon. He finds the drugs in it and informs it to inspector.

Inspector enquires to Sathya about it. She informs to her that she used her customer scooter for urgent purpose. She is not a drug smuggler? Inspector is not ready to listen her words and misunderstands that there is a gang behind her. They takes her to police station. Sathya asks them to leave her but they didn’t give heed to her words. Sathya dials to Prabhu without anyone knowledge but his line is busy. Sathya calls to Divya and informs to her about it but she pretends like she didn’t hear anything at all. Inspector snatches the phone from her and leaves out at for constable. He switched off her Mobile and locked her inside the jail. Divya shares this happy news to Sadhasivam and Anitha. She tells that Sathya bad time started.

Episode end.