Sathya 25th September 2020 Written Update: Veerasingham spying Soumya

Sathya 25th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Sadashivam saying to Prabhu that he only invited him for shopping. Prabhu got angry and says he is often insulting Sathya its not fair. He replies he is doing this all for his reputation . Prabhu says he won’t come if she is not accompany him. Sadashivam replies he don’t force him to come . Indhumathi too refuce to go with him reasoning she is sick. Prabhu force her to go with him.

Sathya and Prabhu selecting sarie in shop their family reach there , Sadashivam question them why there are here after so much happened ? Prabhu replies they already got ready so decided to do shopping alone but they never expected them there . Anitha says its not seems like  coincidents . Prabhu ask her to shut it and concentrate on shopping by saying he starts to select for Sathya . Sadashivam takes them to another section . Sathya ask Soumya to be happy because she informed Kathir to come here he will choose the sarie for her . Sounya turns to happy .

Prabhu and Sathya selecting Sarie Soumya ask to her in signal why didn’t he come here its getting late. Sathya moves to call Kathir and order him to come fast , he replies as yes. Prabhu ask to Sathya who is on the call ?

 She blinks what should answer him he replies before her as Aunty . She too lie as yes and praise his knowledge . She informs to Soumya he is on the way. Kathir reach the shop and search for them. Prabhu see him and inform to Sathya she acts like shocked to see him there and calls him. Prabhu ask to him why is he here ?

He replies he is here to purchase dress for his exam. He says he has no idea that his family is here in this time for shopping he will go to another shop . Sathya too acted with him but Prabhu stops him and says he will select for him. Anitha and Veerasingham stare them in suspicious way . Prabhu narrated the scene and leave from there .

Soumya and Kathir talking through signal Sathya staring them in open mouth and request him to behave himself infront of Prabhu or else he will get angry on him she warned Soumya too. Prabhu selecting shirt for him.

Soumya asked Kathir to meet her secretly he too nods. Soumya lies to her family that she is hungry . Nirmala scold her why didn’t she eat food when she asked her ? Soumya replies canteen is in second floor she will have it there and come back soon.

 Sadashivam  it reasoning groom family will be there in few minutes. Indhumathi ask her to go .she leaves. Anitha suspect her that she is lie to them Veerasingham too nods and says he will spy her Anitha deny it by saying she will follow her .

 He ask her to select the dress because she is centre of attraction there so she might take beautiful sarie then others he will spy her . She agreed with him. Kathir and Soumya meet each other before they talk Veerasingham comes there and separate them . They lie to them and confused him and escaped to changing room. He knocked on it.