Sathya 26th April 2021 Written Update: Anitha shows black and blue to Veerasingham

Sathya 26th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu complaints to Sathya that she is giving puzzles to him. Doesn’t she asked him to skip saying thanks and sorry inbetween them. Asthma nods. Prabhu questions her then why did she asking him to apologise to her now? Sathya says to him that he might apologise to her for this mistake. Prabhu apologise to her for his mistake! Sathya says to him it’s ok he shouldn’t apologies to her. Prabhu glares her. Sathya says to him that he wants to apologise to her and she will reply to him that it’s ok he shouldn’t apologies to her. Prabhu complaints that he needs new dictionary to understand her. Sathya smiles at him. Prabhu keeps staring her lovingly. Both are keeping an eye lock.

Prabhu walks near Sathya maintaining the eyelock. He cups her face lovingly. Sathya alerts him that they are standing in terrace not in bedroom. Prabhu asks her let’s go to their bedroom then. Both walks to their bedroom holding each other hand. Indhumathi is cooking in kitchen. Sathya comes there and mentions her as ‘Indhu’.
Indhumathi asks Sathya to stop talking with her. Sathya questions her why is she behaving like this? Indhumathi complaints to her that she made her fool. She pretended like ghost possessed her. Sathya complaints her back that she didn’t trusted her first place that’s why. Indhumathi complaints that she trusted her after that though she didn’t confessed the truth to her. She adds that Sathya has stone heart. She walked on salt in her kneel for her believing Ghost possessed her. But Sathya didn’t say the truth to her on that time too.
Veerasingham comes there and noticing them are arguing with each other. Sathya says to Indhumathi that she didn’t believes her and thought she was mental. That’s why Prabhu took her to mental hospital. Indhumathi complaints that she trusted her after Selvi’s death. Sathya complaints that she believed her because of Selvi’s death news. Indhumathi asks her to don’t show her face to her. Veerasingham is enjoying their fight and wishes to convey this news to Anitha. Anitha is hearing music in her room. Veerasingham comes there and removes the head set from her ears. Veerasingham says to her that he has good news for her. He asks her to fix the location to give gift to him. He demands for a kiss for sharing a good news to her. Anitha asks him to say the news first.

Veerasingham informs to Anitha that both Sathya and Indhumathi are arguing with each other. Anitha didn’t believes it, reasoning they are flesh and bone. Veerasingham says to her that they are really fighting. Anitha goes with him to check it. There Indhumathi is feeding Halwa to Sathya while complaining she hide the truth from her. Sathya is replying to her questions while eating from her hands. Anitha questions Indhumathi doesn’t she has shame to treat her in this way? She cheated everyone in this house. Indhumathi stands for Sathya and says that she figured for justice when all family are against her. Anitha starts beating Veerasingham for giving fake information to her. Sathya asks her brothers to arrange perfectly for marriage. Saravana questions her whatever she try he won’t marry her. Sathya says to him that she is not a fool to arrange this marriage without thinking about it all! She shows the Selvi’s complaint letter to District commissioner. In it she complained against Saravana. He gets scare to hear it. He tears it. Sathya laughs at him for his foolish act.

Episode end