Sathya 26th September 2020 Written Update: Sathya find out Dinesh illegal business

Sathya 26th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Veerasingham searching for Soumya and keeps blabbering to himself if Anitha find out that he missed her she will beat him to death. Soumya hugged Kathir and talking with him emotionally , she takes out the Thaali and show it to him. Kathir ask to her why did she taking this out . She replies to him that she wanna be a wife to him atleast the moment they are inside the trial room.

Kathir touch the Thaali emotionally and spends some quality time each other. Veerasingham says she is not anywhere it means she might be inside the trial room. He knocked on the door . Soumya and Kathir shocked to hear his threatening sound . Veerasingham getting ready to beat Kathir when door open he punched on that person face but one lady is there instead of him. That lady informed this to her husband he beaten him Kathir and Soumya laughing like hell seeing his condition .

Veerasingham search for Soumya again in the floor by limping and found ladies toilet there . He thought she might be there and decided to check it . He goes in one lady is there she starts to beat him by mentioning him as pervert. One more lady joined with her . He escaped from them and about to go down Anitha coming to upstairs .

He thought she too beat him if she comes to know Soumya is missing so he hide from her but she found him and ask about Soumya. He lies to her that she is in washroom she went to check her before that Soumya comes there and blame Veerasingham went missing she was searching for him everywhere. Anitha scold him.

They reach down to select the dress Dinesh family arrives there Soumya takes him far to select the muhurth Sarie . He praise the sarie but Kathir reject those through mirror. She chose the one Kathir selected . Dinesh selecting dress his friends reach there He hides from them to not reveal his true identity from all . His friends notice him and call him.

He takes them to little far . They ask about some things he replied to them he will give it in evening police problem that’s why he couldn’t be active . Sathya evesdrop it and informed this to Prabhu they decided to find out his illegal business. Indhumathi says to him they are leaving . Prabhu send them away by paying his bill. Sathya and Prabhu watching Dinesh business and Recording it.