Sathya 28th February 2021 Written Update: Sathya pleads with Doctor

Sathya 28th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya refuses to take food reasoning she is not hungry. Prabhu scolds her she might eat something in this state don’t be careless in health matters. Prabhu says to her strictly that she must eat and moves to take food for her. Sathya thinks its good that Prabhu got anger on her. She wishes to pretends like adamant to not eat anything to make Prabhu angry.

Prabhu gives food to her but she refuses to eat the food reasoning she is not hungry. Prabhu glares her and starts taking class to her about health. Sathya is still pretending like adamant. Prabhu tries to convince her but Sathya starts laugh seeing his face. Prabhu smiles and starts feeding her. Sathya is admiring Prabhu. Prabhu is feeding her carefully. He wipes her lips. Romantic songs plays at the background.

Prabhu is working on laptop. Sathya is admiring him. She thinks that Prabhu has so much work to do in office but he is suffering here for Sathya. Prabhu is feeling sleepy. He can’t able to concentrate on his work. Sathya thinks that Prabhu looks tired and sleepy. Prabhu drifts into sleep. Sathya smiles seeing him. Sathya calls Prabhu but he is in deep sleep.Sathya thinks not to disturb him. Sathya gets up using walking stick.

She goes near Prabhu and caresses his hair. She thinks that Prabhu is sleeping in tired so she shouldn’t disturb him. She wishes to use restroom alone. She walks slowly but slips. Prabhu holds her on time. Sathya says to him that he was sleeping tiredly that’s why she didn’t disturbed him. Prabhu replies to her she must wake him up at any situation. He is here to take care of her. Romantic song plays at the background.

Sathya and Prabhu are waiting for doctor. Doctor checks Sathya. He asks to Sathya Is her leg paining? Sathya nods no. Doctor says to her she must take rest. Sathya says to Doctor that she wants to attend Latha marriage. If Sathya don’t go then she won’t marry. Doctor replies to her strictly she can’t able to go.

Her health state is not better yet. She needs to be hospitalize for 10days. Sathya pleads with him but he deny it. Prabhu says to Sathya we can’t able to go. Sathya asks him to think an idea to go out. Prabhu says only nurse can help them. Sathya pleads with her while sharing her problem with her. She says that she will be back after marriage. Nurse says to her that doctor will come rounds at 9am. She will arrange wheel chair for her they can leave using back door. Sathya agrees with her.

Chidambaram and his henchmans are talking about Sathya. They informs to him about Latha marriage is tomorrow. If Sathya don’t come she won’t marry. Chidambaram asks his goons to stop Sathya attending the marriage. He wants to see those slum peoples cursing Sathya. Prabhu asks Sathya to think again. He dials to Latha. He tries to say the truth to her but she is adamant in her decision. Prabhu assures to her they will reach there on time.

Episode end.