Sathya 29th January 2021 Written Update: Prabhu helps Raasathi to escape from Kaanchana

Sathya 29th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with HM waiting for Raasathi and informing to the staff that she is not reached yet. Kanmani smiling. Staff ask her to invite Kanmani and make her lead the programme Reasoning She is also old student of this school and number one. HM replies yes she was but Raasathi is most achieved person she done many good things to people but Kanmani didn’t. They tries to convince her so she ask them to wait for 10 minute orelse let her do it.

Prabhu giving one idea to her she agree to it. Prabhu takes reverse and both starts run away. Maruthu notice it and ask the goons to follow them. Goons surround them. Prabhu starts fighting with them. Iniyan too join with them. Prabhu informs to him its all Kanmani plan to stop Raasathi flag hoasting in school. Iniyan takes them to school. Staff members persuading HM to invite Kanmani. She too agree with them and ask her to flag hoast in function. Kanmani question her doesn’t she say Raasathi is inspiration then her.

HM convince her and taking near flag. Raasathi family and mother in law are watching TV. Punitha ask where is Raasathi he replies she will come. While going Kanmani slips down. Ponni fears what happened to Raasathi and dials to her. Before Kanmani touch it Raasathi reach there along with Iniyan and Prabhu. Kanmani glaring her. HM says to her when she was late she asked Kanmani to do it. Raasathi replies ask her to do it she is ok with it. HM deny it and ask Raasathi to do it. Raasathi flag hoasted and salute to it.

HM saying to all that Raasathi is her old student. She was dull student while studying but Kanmani is bright student. Kanmani gets happy hearing it. HM says both went to periyakudumabam. Kanmani didn’t done anything but Raasathi done many good things to people and become chairman.

Raasathi sharing her past stories to all and praising Iniyan infront of all. He never treating her with ego but supporting her thoroughly. Then she praise Prabhu and Sathya infront of all. She says both helped her without expecting anything. She is appreciating her family. She is advising to dull students and encouraging them. HM praising her. Her friends also appreciating her.

Raasathi stops Kanmani and question her why did she going faster? After all she seek Kaanchana help to lock her up whatever she tries to do she will break it all and win over her. Kanmani challenge her that she will kick her out of her position. She challenge her back she will be remain as chairman till next election. Sasi asking Prabhu is it paining. He about to go and get oinment. Raasathi comes there with hot water. Raasathi feeling emotional seeing him hurt.

Episode end