Sathya 29th June 2021 Written Update: Prabhu worries for Sathya

Sathya 29th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sulochana pretends like fall down and gives signal to Prabhu that Sathya is inside the jail. Inspector questions her what’s she doing there? She lies to her that she is searching for a file. He asks her to prepare the file which one coming to court. Inspector asks Prabhu to leave from there while assures to him that he will find her soon. Prabhu stands opposite to Sathya and stops in his way feeling strange. Sasi questions him what happened to him? He tells him that something is bothering him. Prabhu gets a phone call he is talking in phone there.

Inspector fears go get caught so he asks him to go out and talk in phone. Sathya is in unconscious state there. She mentions his name in sleep Prabhu stops there for a second. Sasi questions him what’s he doing? Sulochana wishes to talk with Prabhu but Inspector comes there. She pretends like talking in phone. He asks Prabhu to leave nothing to worry. Inspector asks her come inside after talked in phone. Sasi consoles Prabhu that police will find Sathya soon. He shares to Sasi that he fears Sathya was in danger. Sasi asks him to stop worrying. Indhumathi calls to him Sasi asks him to attend the call.

Indhumathi enquires to Prabhu Is he get any information about Sathya? He informs to her that he has no idea about her. Even he is scared now. He searched for her everywhere but he didn’t get any information about her. He complained on police station. Prabhu tells her that he can’t able to live without her by saying he disconnects the call. Indhumathi fears what’s happened to Sathya and faints. Everyone rushed near her.

Sulochana notices Sathya and thinks her husband number was in complaint paper. She can inform him about it. She starts searching for the complaint papers in Inspector table. Inspector comes there and questions her what’s she searching? Is she missed anything? May she was searching for the compliant paper. Is she thinking that he doesn’t she tried to inform Prabhu about Sathya. He threatens her that she is always crossing in his way. She is after all a lady constable working under him he can do anything to her. He asks her to be careful and leaves.

Doctor checks Indhumathi. Veerasingham questions her didn’t they planned to do this? She asks him to be quiet. Doctor informs to all that her BP is high. If she takes rest then she will be alright soon. Indhumathi opens her eyes and searches for Sathya there. She enquires to them Did they got any information about Sathya. Nirmala tells her that Prabhu went to search for her. Indhumathi says that he talked with her without hope. Divya asks her to be brave and trust her Sathya will be back. Veerasingham thinks that all are acting well here.
Veerasingham questions Anitha will Imdhumathi faint like this if she went missing? She asks him to shut his mouth. Inspector calls Sulochana and advises to her shop poking her head in others matters and concentrate on it. Dhanam calls to Inspector and assures to him that he arranged the money. Inspector tells him that he wanna be careful next time. Sulochan hears their conversation. Constable brings one father and son for investigation.

Episode end.