Sathya 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Sathya beats Dharma

Sathya 2nd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya is waiting for Prabhu in guest house. Sasi comes there and informs to her that Dharma’s henchman kidnaps Prabhu. Sathya gets shock to hear it. Sathys says to Sasi that she is going to save Prabhu alone. Sasi alerts Sathya by saying Dharma is dangerous person. It’s risk to go there alone. Sathya assures to him that she can able to manage it alone. She asks him to complain in police station. Sasi leaves from there. Selvi is searching Saravana in that room. Saravana is nowhere to seen. Selvi runs to reception. That lady enquires to Selvi what happened?

Selvi says to her that Saravana is not in her room. She asks her to search for him somewhere. Another one enquires to her what happened? The receptionist says to him that Saravana who accompanied Selvi here is missing in her room. Security says to Selvi that he left the resort morning in his car. Selvi asks to him Is mechanic came here? He replies to her that the car is perfectly alright he went in that only. They alert Selvi that he cheated her. He complaints that yesterday she at least wore the nuptial chain now its also missing. Don’t ruin their resort name and leave from here. Selvi runs from there in tears.

Prabhu is shown unconscious. He is tied in rope with tree. Dharma is waiting till Prabhu get conscious. Dharma is holding wood and making sound with it to pass the time. Prabhu gets conscious. Dharma smirks and goes near him. Dharma questions Prabhu why did he doing these unnecessary things instead of giving money to him. Prabhu glares him. Dharma asks to him why did he didn’t agree with his deal? Whom gave this idea to him? Is he really think if he turns the police and politician against him then he will stop bothering Prabhu. He asks to him who is the spy in his group? He wants to see who is that person? Prabhu stares the spy. He signals to him don’t point him out.

Dharma looks at his back who is he signaling? Dharma asks to those henchmans who is that? Whom gave signal to Prabhu? Spy says to him that Prabhu stared that henchman. Dharma walks near him. Henchman says to him that he didn’t done anything. He asks Dharma to believe him. Dharma questions him how dare he to move against him. He done everything and pretends like he found out about the truth and helped him to kidnap Prabhu too.

Dharma appreciates his act. He replies to him that he is innocent he didn’t done anything. He died the moment when he doubted him. He asks Dharma to kill him instead of doubting him. Dharma says to him that he is definitely going to kill but not him. He turns towards the spy and beats on his back of head. He hold his head and lays down. Dharma says to spy that he knew the difference between Fox and Dog.

Prabhu gets shock to see it. Dharma says to Prabhu that spy is dead he won’t get up again. Its his turn to die he about to beat him. Sathya shouts as Athan. Dharma stares her and questions them who is she? They informs to Dharma she is Prabhu’s wife. Dharma smirks and says let her come he wants to put some deal with him. Sathya runs towards Prabhu and scolds him that she already warned him something will happen like this.

Prabhu asks Sathya to remove the chain. Sathya reminds that Prabhu got promise on his name. Sathya refuses to remove it. Prabhu says to her remove it. Sathya replies to him that she promised on his name so she can’t. Prabhu asks her to understand the situation. Dharma gets irritate to see it. Dharma says to them that what’s with that chain just break it. He wants to see after that will they talk with him or not.

Henchman breaks it. Sathya starts to beat everyone. Dharma stops Sathya and beats her. Prabhu shouts seeing Sathya’s state. Dharma says to him why did he living with tiger? He wishes to put a deal with him but he didn’t. Sathya wakes up in nick of time and starts beating Dharma. Sathya warns him to stay away from her sight or else she will kill him.

Episode end.