Sathya 2nd February 2021 Written Update: Prabhu buys a house for Raasathi

Sathya 2nd February 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Maragatham ask money to her husband to buy new house for Kumaran. He deny it. So Maragatham ask Paari to explain to him. He too support her. He agreed then says to her he wanna see the house and check its background. Maragatham says that she checked all details so she wanna buy it let’s give tocken advance first. Her husband too agree with it. Kanmani praising Maragatham brilliant move.

Maragatham says that Raasathi won in election now she gonna teach a lesson to her. House owner comes to Raasathi house. He informs to her that he fixed his daughter marriage alliance came from rich place so he need more money. He wish to sale this house and ask them to vacate the house in one week.

Raasathi and Iniyan says to him that he didn’t warned him before so he won’t vacate this house. He got angry threaten them that he will smash this house. Raasathi assures to him that she will vacate the house. She says that there is no time for her to go behind this case. She ask Iniyan to hide this matter from Prabhu. House owner informs to Maragatham everything. She narrate everything to Kanmani. Maragatham says she will make her stand in road.

Raasathi ask her brother to see a good house for rent in a week. Iniyan says that she stopped him orelse he would have finish him. Azhagar comes there angrily and says to her how dare him to threaten us he gonna kill him today by saying he leaves angrily but Raasathi stops him. Prabhu and Sasi staring them. She starts to scold him for behaving like this. Prabhu ask Sasi to collect information about him. Prabhu and Sasi reached the house owner house.

Prabhu and Sasi introduce them to him. Prabhu question him why did he threaten Raasathi like that to vacate the house? He is replying to him lethagically and talking without manners. So Prabhu calls to central minister and inform everything to him he talked with him and warns him to stay in his limit and treat Prabhu well. He nods and appologize to him. Prabhu ask him to register this house on Raasathi name he will pay double amount. Don’t inform this to her and appologize to Raasathi. He nods. Raasathi and Iniyan searching house

Kanmani and Gokula notice them walking in road and wish to tease them. Kanmani and Gokula stops them and tease them why did they walking on road? Kanmani question him doesn’t house owner ask them to vacate the house? Where will they go now? Recently they shifted to this place but soon they gonna vacate here too. Kanmani ask to him did they need any help from her. Iniyan says they don’t need her help they can manage all alone. How much they fall down he will rise up. They have so much works to do unlike Kanmani by saying this they leave from there.

Raasathi brings coffee to all and discussing about the problem. Raasathi says that this house is very lucky to her. She achieved all in this house. House owner comes there seeing him Iniyan question him Is he come to vacate them today? He replies no they can live here he has no objection. He will never ask them to leave reasoning he got to know that Raasathi is chairman. They got happy and taking credits. Sasi says that Prabhu done it all but they unaware of it.

House owner comes to Maragatham house and meet her husband. He narrate everything to him and gives the cash to him. He says that he puts agreement with Prabhu. Maragatham husband gets angry on her and thinks she starts to think cruel now a days. He goes in and ask Maragatham to say the address of the house. She is blinking.

Episode end.