Sathya 2nd July 2021 Written Update: Sulochana praises Sathya

Sathya 2nd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajavarman says to Inspector that many complaints came on his name. He got a news that many drugs dealers are crossing in his limits there is no evidence against him yet but he got it today. Why did he beaten the innocent people to create fear on police why should they scared of police? Those who committing mistakes wanna be scared of police. People shouldn’t be scared of police instead respect them and think them as their protector like god saving his devotees. They are police officers they have power it’s to protect people not to torture them. Rajavarman keeps questioning him and advises to him. He tells him that only human beings are torturing others. What will be the family state if those two died in lock up. His family members will hate police life long. Why not one terrorist can also form in their family. He asks Sulochana to give a complaint against him. He praises Sathya braveness and asks Sulochana to be like her. Rajavarman praises Sathya for saving two lives and saved police from facing the big problem. Prabhu says that she is like that only always supports poor peoples. Rajavarman asks Sathya to leave from there he will take care of the drug case and caught them. Sathya asks him to admit these two people in hospital. He assures to her.

Sulochana thank Sathya and says her that she will never forget her name in life long. Sathya tells her those who fighting against justice are Sathya. Anitha says to Sadhasivam that she fears something bad happens to Indhumathi by god grace nothing happened to her. Sadhasivam thinks why is she living Sathya this much? Divya says that she fainted when she has no idea what happened to her. What if she learnt the truth she will die it seems. Veerasingham says that something planned by them against her. Sathya reaches there servant notices her and informs to her that Indhumathi fainted when she went missing. Sathya and Prabhu gets shock to hear it and rushes inside to meet her. Divya questions Sadhasivam how comes Sathya came out? He tells her he has no idea about it. Veerasingham thinks that everyone face turned dull seeing Sathya. Sathya meets Indhumathi there. She shares her emotions to her.

Indhumathi questions her where did she went? Why did she turned off her mobile? Sathya informs to her that inspector turned off her mobile. Indhumathi questions her Is she created any problem? Sathya narrated everything to her. Divya face changed hearing it. Sathya notices her and walks near her. Prabhu sits beside Indhumathi and holds her hand. Divya questions Sathya why is she staring her in this way? Sathya questions her didn’t she heard what did she said to her in mobile. She lies to her that she didn’t heard anything signal was weak. She dialed back to her but phone was switched off. Sathya snatches the phone from her and asks her to unlock the phone. She do it for her. Sathya plays the audio to her. Sathya eyes filled with tears and questions her didn’t she said she didn’t heard anything but is clear in it. She knew well that she always turn on the automatic call record that’s she checked it. She didn’t changed yet in her life. She can live in her own wish but she will be a good sister to her always. Indhumathi consoles Sathya. Veerasingham thinks that Divya cheating her own sister she is the top most villain.

Episode end.