Sathya 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Sathya gives a shock to Saravana

Sathya 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with WSaravana is drinking in guest house. He s whether Selvi come there or not? He wishes to put a toss to know the result. He thinks if head comes she won’t come, tail come she will definitely come. He puts a toss but head comes Saravana gets disappoints to see it. He wishes to try two more time and majority one will be the result. When he puts toss for second time tail comes. He tries for the third time but toss falls down far from him. Selvi enters into the gate and walking aiming at door. Saravana takes the coin but it’s showing head. Just then Selvi opens the door.

Saravana says she came but coin lied to him. He mentions it as bad coin. Saravana asks Selvi to enter inside and close the door. He says to her closing the door is very important one. He starts dance around her increasing her tension. Saravana says to Selvi he likes her always in nervous. Saravana questions her how dare she to slap him with slipper in front of all? If she have dare then slap him now. He starts slaps himself making her tensed. Saravana questions her why is she hesitating Is she need slipper to slap him?

Saravana questions her how could she insult him in front of all? Doesn’t she said to him that he wanna die seeing her leading a happy life? He laughs at her and questions her how could she expect him to allow Selvi to lead a happy life? He will never allow that. Saravana complaints that because of her he lost his face outside. He can’t able to show his face outside. He will make her pay for it. He will make her face the sams situation too. Saravana adds that for marrying Selvi that kullabootham wanna die in shame.

Selvi warns Saravana to stop mentioning her husband. Saravana questions her what will she do if he takes his name? Selvi threaten him that she will beat and break his mouth. Saravana questions her how dare she to talk like with him? Is she forget that she is locked in his guest house? Sathya comes down from stairs and says she is talking to him with attitude because she is behind her.

Saravana gets shock to see Sathya there. Sathya questions him Is he thinking how is she coming down from stairs? Sathya says to him usually she don’t use front door to enter inside her own house too. then how will he expect her to use front door to enter inside one pervert house? Saravana staring her nervously. Sathya asks him to stop giving shock expression and get ready to face the rest also. Sathya says to Selvi that her husband don’t know to use pipe like her so open the door. Selvi opens the door Sasi enters inside with a rod. Sathya asks Selvi to lock the door or else one coward will escape from this room. Saravana stares them in tension. Sasi about to beat him but Sathya stops him and says don’t beat him because he gave punch dialogue to Selvi and dances around her to tease her. So she wants to give back the same to him.

Sathya questions Saravana doesn’t he has shame or something else? Why is he behind a married woman? Doesn’t she slapped him in front of all with slippers though he didn’t learnt a lesson from it. Sathya questions him what did she done wrong? Doesn’t she slapped him with slipper for his wrong doings but he is here to take revenge for that? Sathya says she will make sure that Saravana will see hell today. Sasi says to her he can’t able to control his anger anymore. Sathya stops him and says he shouldn’t beat him. Sasi questions her Is she gonna send him to jail but he can’t able to leave him without beating for torturing his wife. Sathya says that she only asked him to don’t beat him it doesn’t mean they are not gonna bear him. Sathya says Selvi has more rights to bear him. Selvi reminds the past and holds the rod to beat Saravana.

Episode end.