Sathya 2nd October 2020 Written Update: Sathya and Prabhu spying Dinesh

Sathya 2nd October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Sathya noticing Dinesh hesitation she doubt his phone calls and starts eavesdropping it. Dinesh attends the call opposite person asks him doesn’t he need Brown sugar? Dinesh replies to him he needs it. He complaints to him he is not picking his call when he needs the things if he continues this attitude he stops selling Brown sugar to him.

He apologizes to him and reasoned he was in function so he couldn’t pick the call. He asks him to meet in the same restaurant in the evening at 4 pm. Everyone enters in he go and sits with them happily. Sathya noticed it and leaves.

Sathya is busy in removing her bangles Soumya came there and ask to her what did she planned to stop this marriage? Already panthakal functions was over only three days is left for marriage. Sathya asks her to trust her and doesn’t take the tension. Prabhu comes there and ask to Soumya what’s going on there?

Soumya says she is asking to Sathya how she gonna stop this marriage? Prabhu asks to her in a teasing way Is that the reason or she is worrying whether Dinesh will marry her second time? Soumya got shocked hearing it. She stares Sathya she blinks back to her. Prabhu says to her that Sathya said all truth to him. Soumya glares her for revealing all truth to him. Prabhu asks her to stop glaring her and question him how dare her to take this extreme step maintaining this innocent face.

Sathya asks him to leave her Soumya glares her she says her husband is her everything lying to him is impossible so she confessed. Soumya apologizes to him he says don’t pretend like innocent her acting sense is worst. Soumya again kept the innocent face he starts to bang her head. He added after done this much she emotionally blackmailed him by saying she has no one to support her. Soumya replies Sathya who gave that idea. Sathya got shocked and escaped from there Prabhu says he will punish both after this marriage drama.

Sathya and Prabhu reached the resort and waiting for Dinesh he reached there a little late. They hides behind the tree to spy him. Dinesh walked in. Sathya informed to police that brown sugar exchanging in the resort by a random person mobile. Prabhu ask to her they have mobile then why did she call from someone mobile.

Sathya replies it’s safe to call from other mobile because they don’t know us. Prabhu says let’s go back police will arrest him. Sathya stops him by saying they must go in to spy him and record the video. Prabhu says it will come on news then why should they record it. Sathya replies he will come out using his influence.

Sathya and Prabhu booked the room opposite to Dinesh to spy him. They go in after him and settled in the room. The waiter comes there and takes their order. He asks him what’s special there he replies to him crab soup. Prabhu remained the past incidents of how did he lose in Sathya. Sathya suppresses her laugh and says she is ok with it. Prabhu denies it and asks him to bring cold drinks. He goes and brings it to him.