Sathya 30th January 2021 Written Update: Prabhu feels proud of Raasathi

Sathya 30th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kanmani and Gokula reach the house frustrated. Punitha notice them and pretend like flag hoasting. Kumaran question her what’s she doing? She replies to him that she trying to flag hoasting but couldn’t only deserved can able to do it. Kanmani ask to her Isn’t she teasing her. She replies as no. When Kumaran question her she narrated whatever happened there.

Punitha says that if Raasathi has any problem then Kanmani will be the reason. Her father in law advise her to go in good path honestly or else she can’t able to win. Gokula ask to Kumaran when did he supported her daughter? He replies first ask her to behave like an woman. She won’t change by saying he leaves.

Prabhu is lost in his thoughts. Suddenly he hears Sathya voice he starts to search for her. But Sasi is pranking him so Prabhu gets disappointed. Sasi appologize to him and says he is voluntarily staying here for Raasathi he can meet her soon. Prabhu thinks he is getting her memories. Prabhu thinking about her not eating anything.

Village people comes to periya veedu to invite them for poorana kumbam . Maragatham deny to participate in it reasoning they betrayed her not giving votes to her so she doesn’t care about the temple and peoples. Gokula says don’t invite Kanmani for it. Peoples thinks to invite Raasathi for it because she refuced to accept their wish. They go to Raasathi house to meet her but she is not there so her mom welcomed them. They shares their request to them.

Prabhu says that she is getting respect from temple too after she turned to be a chairman. She comes there and listen to their wish. She question them why didn’t they ask to Maragatham. They narrate to her what happened there. Raasathi deny their wish reasoning that Manga is next to her or Kanmani comparing to them she is youngest daughter in law. They replies she is having high status now. Raasathi says its for peoples not for her family. Maragatham said those in anger soon she will be calm she will ask Balu to convince them. They leaves Prabhu feels proud of her.

Kumaran wish to give the sarie to Maragatham which Prabhu brought for her. He goes to her room Kanmani and Gokula follows him and evesdropping their conversation. Kumaram give the gift to her and convince her. She agree to meet Prabhu. Kanmani planning to stop them meeting together.

Prabhu lost in his thoughts. He says to Sasi that Raasathi is great she is still thinking good about Maragatham even after she is hating her. He wanna get a chance to meet her and change her opinion about Raasathi. Meanwhile Kanmani dials to her goons and ask them to stop Prabhu and Maragathan meeting each other

Episode end