Sathya 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Sathya warning to Sadashivam

Sathya 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Anitha saying to Sathya she won’t accept this. Its Prabhu money and Sathya lying to her? Soumya ask to Anitha didn’t she read the newspaper yet? Anitha blinks not understanding anything. Soumya shows the news paper to her. Then read the title loudly to them. Sathya won the boxing championship and rs. 5 lakhs.

Anitha eyes widen hearing it. Indhumathi gets surprised and snatched the Newspaper from her hand to see it clearly. Soumya added that she may don’t believe if its written in name. That’s why they printed her pics in it. Anitha glares her.

Indhumathi praise her and says to her she will take all dhristi from her at night. Anitha about to go. Indhumathi stops her and give the jewels to her. They laughs seeing her reaction. Indhumathi says to her that double barell done a big scene here? Prabhu question her how could she know this name? Sathya stops her from answering and takes her to kitchen diverting him.

Tulasi is crying thinking about Anitha behaviour. She don’t know how she gonna pay the bill? Saravana comes there and touch from her behind. She gets panic and turns back to him? He question her why did she crying? She replies as nothing. He says to her that he knew everything whatever Anitha done to her?

 He complaints that Anitha is always like that only has no sense. Now what’s her problem money right? He forward money to her and ask her to pay the bill. Tulasi refuse to accept it by saying alreasy she has debt here so she don’t wanna pressure them again. Saravana ask her to get the money. She refuse it by saying her salary also she didn’t deserved.

 Saravana says to her just take it as debt and pay back to him in different way. Tulasi stare him confused. He lies to her to return the money in due. Tulasi refuse this idea too so he hold her hand. Sathya comes there and shout on him. He gets panic and remove the hand from her? She scold him for holding her hand.

Saravana says to her that he didn’t hold her hand intentionally but trying to help her out by giving this money to her. Actually Anitha snatched her salary from her that’s why he is helping her. Sathya question her Is he true? She lies aa no. Sathya glares him. Saranvana ask to Tulasi don’t lie he narrates to Sathya that Anitha snatched her money and demand her to pay back the money which she paid for her mother operation. Sathya ask Saravana to leave and warns him don’t ever hold girls hand. He nods and curse her for ruining his plan.

Anitha thinks that Sathya escaping from all the plans. Veerasingham says to her he knew it before that Sathya will won the challenge because she is not ordinary woman but super woman. Anitha bangs on his head for praising her. Sathya comes there and ask to her why did she beating him?

Anitha beats him more and says to her its her husband so she will do anything she want what’s her problem? Sathya ask her to return the money to Tulasi. She refuse to give pointing the operation money. Sathya argued with her that she returned the jewels so Tulasi has no role in it. Sadashivam ask her to give the money. She gives making faces. Sathya imagine like breaking her nose. She warns them to respect poor people too oreslse she will teach them a lesson. Soon it will happen.

Episode end.