Sathya 3rd February 2021 Written Update: Kanmani invites Anitha

Sathya 3rd February 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Maragatham husband question her where is the house give the address to him. She hesitate to reply. He says that he wanna see that house before buying it. He says that she may forget due to her old age. He ask Kanmani to give the address she too stammers. He scold her for trying to buy the house where Raasathi staying. He says that she turns to evil forgeting her trueself listening others words.

Paari says that why did she done this to her why did she hating her this much? Didn’t she think about Iniyan once how will he hurt hearing it? Paari ask her to change orelse he don’t know what to do. He wish to see his old sister in law. Punitha advise to her stop listening their words orelse she will bend her head down like this infront of all. Kanmani saying to Maragatham that everything turns ups and down. Its all because of Prabhu. He brought this house for her in the anger on Maragatham. He didn’t forget the incident that she slapped him.

Maragatham ask Kanmani to stop him buying this house for Raasathi. Kanmani says to her that Prabhu has one sister if she comes to know this incident then she will stop him because she is villain of everyone. Kanmani dials to Anitha and talking with her in phone. She informs all news to her. Anitha says that she has no idea about it all she will never allow him to do it. Kanmani ask her to come there and deal with him. She can stay in her house. Anitha agree to go there.

Iniyan saying to Raasathi that he got relief because house owner ask them to stay here how many days they want. He thinks how to vacate this house because she said its lucky house for her she achieved all in this house. Raasathi says to him that they wanna buy new house for them. He nods. She says that she gonna sleep he ask her to talk with him. He says to her that he wanna build one big house for them then only everyone can stay in that house. Iniyan ask her to close her eyes and gifted ring to her. Then he gives rose to her and wish her for her birthday. Both spending quality times each other.

Raasathi worried that none wish her except him. Her mom calls her she thought that she gonna wish her but she ask her to buy milk packet. Like this all her family forget her birthday. Priest comes there and says to her that he done special pooja on her name so he is here to give the prasad to her.

Raasathi question him she suppose to go to temple why is he here? He replies its special one. He ask Iniyan to put garland around her neck. Then fill vermillion. She question him whom done this all? They replies its Prabhu. He wish her for her birthday. Prabhu says to her that he arranged big party for her at evening.

Anitha ask to Veerasingham why there is so much jungle here. Ask someone the address. Veerasingham ask the address to the random one. He replies to him in confusing way. Anitha scold him. Indhumathi comes to Raasathi house Prabhu welcome her. Raasathi introduce all to her and get blessing from her.

Raasathi says to her that this house is small compare to her house. Indhumathi says to her that he never used to stay anywhere alone this is the first time he is away from Sathya. Raasathi ask her to spend time with her. Indhumathi says that this place is amazing. She wonders how is he staying here alone without Sathya and Indhumathi because of Raasathi. Anitha never shows love on him.

Indhumathi alert him that Anitha came to this place its seems she is here to create some problem. Prabhu says to her that he wish to buy this house for Raasathi. Prabhu question her Is she angry on him for not informing her. She replies why did he buying this small house for her? He says its lucky house for her.

Anitha and Veerasingham reach there. Anitha ask him to behave himself. Kanmani welcomes them. Maragatham greets them. Kanmani introduce Anitha to Paari. He question them why are they here Prabhu is in Raasathi house. Kanmani replies due to lack of place. Raasathi is about to cut the cake Anitha comes there.