Sathya 3rd July 2021 Written Update: Prabhu spends quality time with Sathya

Sathya 3rd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu and Sathya reaches to their room. Sathya stretches her muscles. Prabhu questions her why is she so tired? She questions him Is he ever went inside jail? He tells her that he has no experience of it at all. He is visiting police station after he married to her. Prabhu questions her Is they beat her? She deny it by saying they can’t able to touch her. Sathya says to him that she fighted with police that’s why she is so tired. She lays on bed in tired but Prabhu feels her looking so beautiful and controls his feelings.

Prabhu tells her that he is a specialist in body massaging. He is expert in body massaging if his fingers lays on her then her pain will be over. She will be feel relief after he touch her. Sathya questions him doesn’t he exaggerating like he massaged to many girls. Prabhu thinks that he ruined everything and says to her he never touched girls but his gents friends. Prabhu offers her to help her. Sathya deny it. Prabhu forcing her to allow him to massage to her. Sathya gives permission to him.

Prabhu asks Sathya to rolls down he will help her to massage her body. Sathya warns him to only massage to her. Veerasingham comes to that way and hears them talking with each other and thinks he wanna give massage to Anitha like this. Anitha is playing in mobile. He thinks that she is managing to mobile instead of him. He wishes to makes her masaage to him. Veerasingham pretends like he got sprain in waist. He lies to her that he slipped in bathroom.

Anitha asks him to take medicine and sleep down. Veerasingham asks her to massage him. Anitha questions him why is he adamant to take massage from her? He says that she is his wife so she might help him. He asks her to bring oil to massage him. Anitha leaves to take oil to manage him. After she leaves he starts dance for Iliyana song. Saravana notices this all and wishes to take revenge on him. Saravana enquires to Anitha what happened? She informs to him that Veerasingham got sprain on his waist.

Saravana says to her it will never give relief to him if she gives hand massage to him. Saravana enters into the kitchen and takes pestle in his hand and comes there. Anitha questions him what’s this. Saravana informs to her if she uses this everything will be over soon. Veerasingham smells his plan and acts like he got relief from his pain and leaves from there. Saravana notices Divya standing alone he wishes to use her for his plan. He questions her Is she still thinking about the incident. Divya informs to him that she never thought Sathya caught her red handed.

Saravana says that she left her because she is her sister or else she would have killed that person. He praises her beauty and education and says she is perfect match to Prabhu. He dislikes Sathya if Divya is his sister in law then he will feel happy. He provokes her that it’s her house she would have been in Sathya place. Sathya is living in Divya’s life. Sathya learnt her true face too she can’t able to get back her life. Divya challenges him that she will get back her life at any cost.

Episode end.