Sathya 3rd March 2021 Written Update: Sathya slips down

Sathya 3rd March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu checks the car tyres and informs to Sathya back tyre is punchard. Sathya asks him to think a way. Nurse calls to Prabhu. Sathya gives the phone to Prabhu, he attends it and comes to know that chief doctor reaches to hospital. He will starts taking round soon so come to hospital as soon as possible. Prabhu says to Sathya that nurse asked him to reach back soon. They will be caught if they fails to reach there on time. Sathya asks him to think a way. Traffic police notices them and goes near Prabhu. He enquires to Prabhu why did he parking his car in no parking?

Prabhu replies to him that his car tyre got punchard. Sathya notices the police and mentions him as brother. He gets surprise to see Sathya there. He asks to Sathya about her health? She replies as doing well now. He informs to her that he has some work that’s why he didn’t come to meet her in hospital. Sathya asks him to help her. She wants to reach hospital before 12. He replies to her that he has only TVS 50 with him. Sathya signals to Prabhu.

Prabhu deny to ride it but Sathya forces him to do it. Prabhu starts ride it, Sathya is sitting behind him. Prabhu complaints to Sathya that he felt this bike is fixed with gum because its shaking like hell. Sathya asks him to ride fast without complaining. She reminds to him that he wants to reach hospital before the chief doctor visits her ward. Prabhu complaints to her that bike is not going above 10 speed.

Even kids are chasing him in walking. Bike is dead slow. Sathya makes fun of him. Nurse calls him. Sathya attends it. She informs to Sathya that Doctor starts his round so reach as soon as possible. Sathya conveys the news to Prabhu. He tries his best to ride fast. Finally they reach to hospital somehow. They use the lift and reach to the third floor. Prabhu notices chief doctor is taking his rounds. Prabhu and Sathya hides from his sight.

Doctor is checking one patient. Sathya calls to nurse. She informs to her that she is outside of her room but doctor is there, so she can’t able to sneak in. Nurse assures to her that she will diverts him. Nurse rushes to the doctor and lies to him that Prema got her delivary pain. Doctor questions her how will she get pain in her 8th month. Her due date is after 1month. Nurse asks him to hurry up he nods.

Nurse narrates the situation to Prema and asks her to pretends like she got pain. She agrees to act along with her for Sathya. She starts crying. Doctor comes there and enquires to her when did she got pain? He thinks its an false pain so he wishes to give injection to her. Nurse asks her to say there is no pain now. She lies to him like it, though he give injection to her for safety.

Prabhu and Sathya enters into the room and notices Sasi is hiding inside the bedsheet. Prabhu and Sathya wishes to tease Sasi. He starts speaking like a chief doctor and Sathya too joins with him. He says that he going to give injection to him so Sasi gets up with jerk. Prabhu mentions him as betrayer. Sasi complaints that he already got one injection its still paining. Sasi alerts them that doctor is coming. Chief doctor scolds Sasi for entering inside the roo. He checks Sathya and asks him to take care of her. Prabhu feeds to Sathya and leaves from there. Sathya falls down while practicing.

Episode end.