Sathya 4th February 2021 Written Update: Maragatham insult Prabhu

Sathya 4th February 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Raasathi question Prabhu why did he brought cake here she is not a kid to cut it. He replies these are rare oppurtunity to celebrate her birthday that’s why. Veerasingham says to Anitha that he never celebrate her birthday like this for her. She glares him.

Raasathi cuts the cake. She feeds cake to all. Prabhu says to her that he gonna give gift to her so she might accept it without rejection. Indhumathi also ask her to accept it. Raasathi feels emotional seeing it. Anitha comes there. She says its unfair to do this much for her when his real sister is here. Prabhu question her why is she here? She replies if she don’t come here he would end up lossing all money to her. How dare he to buy this house for her.

Prabhu says that she has no rights to say this to him. Indhumathi added that he is buying this for her in his own saving she don’t need to poke her head in it. Anitha says to him he didn’t do anything for her. Indhumathi replies he done manything for her but she forget all. Prabhu says that Raasathi support him and argue with Maragatham for him not even cared about her life.

Anitha inform to him that he create new problem here because Maragatham whom supposed to buy this house but he done this to her. Anitha says that if Raasathi has shame then don’t accept his gift. Prabhu ask her to leave. Prabhu appologize to her. Raasathi refuse to accept his gift and ask him to show his love on her that’s enough for her.

Maragatham takes Anitha, Kanmani to temple. Prabhu comes there. Kanmani alert her that he will try to manipulate her. Prabhu narrates everything to her and appologize to her and took all blames on him but she didn’t give heed to his words. They leaves from there. Raasathi is watching all the staffs how are they cutting the vegetables. Raasathi ask the staff to wear gloves and wear head mask while cutting the vegetables. Iniyan is checking the accounts.

Vivek traders owners comes there and ask Raasathi to sale her unit to him. Raasathi replies to him that this unit is like her baby. She won’t give to anyone because many staff life depend on it she wanna think about them also. He ask her to sale it orelse her business will be loss when he is starting the business. She ask him to leave. Iniyan appreciate Raasathi for her way of dealing with him.

Anitha calls Raasathi and lashes out at her for allowing Prabhu to meet Maragatham. She narrate all the incident to him. She is insulting him infront of her its irking her to the core. Raasathi replies to her that she is unaware of it all. Anitha ask her to send him back to Chennai. Raasathi reach home and ask Prabhu to go back to chennai reasoning he met Maragatham and got insult from her. She don’t know his value and behaving like this its hurting her.

Prabhu replies to her she won’t change he give up in her matter and assures to Raasathi he will never meet her for her. Ex. Chairman comes to meet Raasathi and narrate to her how did Maragatham get money from him for election on her property. First they didn’t believe it. He ask her to give the highway contract to him in return he will give the property papers to her. Raasathi says to Iniyan we must deal with him careful

Episode end.