Sathya 4th June 2021 Written Update: Prabhu writes poems for Sathya

Sathya 4th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu is trying to write poem and talking to himself in his imagination. Sasi doubts why is he talking alone? He questions Prabhu why is he staring wall always? Prabhu questions him what will he do then? Is he stare Sasi he can’t able to get word to write poem instead get angry on him. Sasi asks him to write soon he is getting late. Prabhu complaints even he is getting late though he is trying to write poem for him why is he disturbing him? Prabhu writes movie song like his own imagination.

Sasi question him why is he starts writing Is he get good idea? Will it come out well? Prabhu asks him to stop disturbing him. Prabhu questions him whose name he wanna write in it? Sasi says his name and starts reading the lines in it. Sasi starts praising Prabhu for writing a good poem with impressive lines. Sasi says he can give anything to him for writing such a impressive poem. Prabhu thinks if he wanna gift then he might give it to Vairamuthu because he wrote it. Prabhu asks Sasi to leave soon or else his first day only happen but first night.

Prabhu thinks what to do now? He wishes to write poem for Sathya. He thinks he wanna write real one for Sathya or else she will find out the truth. Prabhu starts writing poem for Sathya. Sasi enters inside his room and reading the poem and praises Prabhu. He wishes to impress Selvi with the poem. Selvi enters inside the room. Selvi blushes and comes inside. Sasi close the door. Said comes near Selvi and gives the poem to her. She stares him in doubt. Sasi informs to her that he wrote poem for her. She opens it and starts reading it.

Selvi starts crying after reading it. Sasi questions her why is she crying doesn’t she like the poem? Selvi informs to him that Sasi wrote poem for her but she don’t know to read at all. Sasi gets shock to hear it. Selvi tells to him that she ready wrongly. Sasi Says she reads wrongly but he writes wrongly. So they are made for each other. Sasi tells her he will read for her. He starts reads for her that poem. Selvi blushes hearing it.

Selvi starts crying again. Sasi questions her why is she started crying again? Selvi informs to him that Sasi wrote poem for her happily but she made him wait so much and gutted him. Sasi tells her its not time to cry but to Romance. Sasi kiss on her forehead and cheek. He about to go close with her he hears Prabhu voice Is he gonna do everything while standing?

Sasi thinks why did he hearing Prabhu voice? Both sits down on bed and questions him let’s start? Both spends some quality time with each other. Prabhu enters inside the room. Sathya notices him. Prabhu gives the poem to Sathya. Prabhu informs to her that he wrote everything which was on his heart. Sathya starts reading it and reminds the past days. She reads it happily. Sathya stares him in questioning way.

Episode end.