Sathya 5th February 2021 Written Update: Raasathi slapped Kanmani

Sathya 5th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ex. Chairman asking Raasathi to give the contract to
him. She replies to him that he wanna handover the property’s papers to her
after she pays the amount. Iniyan disappoints Maragatham for her foolishness
and curses Kanmani for behind this all.

Raasathi calls Kanmani and asks her to meet in temple. She slapped Kanmani
in anger. Kanmani question her Is she got attittude when she became a chairman.
She says to her that she has so much dare that’s why she got loan on property
papers. Kanmani deny it. Iniyan complaints that she is spoiling Maragatham and
manipulating her.

Kanmani informs to them that Maragatham not a kid to listen to her she done
this all to take revenge on Raasathi. Raasathi says to her that she will pay
the amount and get back the property papers till then hide this from all. She
threatens to don’t create a new problem.

Kanmani thinks she is planning to enter into the house using this chance.
She goes to ex. Chairman house. She questions him why did he put a deal with
Raasathi? She added that she never expected him to do this. He betrayed
Maragatham. He tells her that he already asked them to pay the amount after the
election but they failed to do it.

As a politician, he might stand in the winning side. So he asks Raasathi to
pay the amount. Kanmani complains he is showing attitude as ex. The chairman
literally behaving like a rowdy. He too refers to her as a lady rowdy reasoning
her ambition is to ruin Raasathi peace. Kanmani warns him and left from there.
Kanmani reaches home and narrates all to Maragatham.

Gokula says to them lets sale their jewels and pay the amount. Maragatham
replies if they sale it too they can’t reach the amount. She asks Kanmani to
talk with him and get more times. Raasathi informs to her family that
Maragatham is in trouble so she decide to sale her company to pay her debt.

Azhagar and Ponni deny it reasoning she is doing this all for Maragatham who
not even considering her as a human being. Iniyan says there is no option left.
Prabhu comes there along with Indhumathi so they stop discussing the matter and
manage the situation but Prabhu finds it’s a bit strange. He wishes to find out
the problem and help them out. He feels sad when they are trying to hide the
problems from him. Indhumathi complains that Anitha is the reason behind it.

Episode end.