Sathya 5th January 2021 Written Update: Sathya stoled Kuberan’s wealth

Sathya 5th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kathir saying to Kuberan that she used to drink Badham milk after taking walking. She is going to get it. Kuberan stops her and says she can wait here he will go and buy it for her. Kathir ask him to give his mobile because her phone charge is out. He gives his mobile to her. Kathir informs to him that she gonna call her husband.

He used to suspect her whenever she is late. Kuberan mention him as worst fellow suspecting this beauty. Kathir ask him to leave he will talk with him. He nods and leaves from there. Sathya notice it and runs towards him and get his mobile from him. She dials to Sasi and ask him to proceed the plan.

Sathya ask him to go inside and his goons will be there just give the phone to them. She will manage them. Sasi and team goes in and Kuberan goons stops them. Sasi ask them to talk with brother. They question them who is that brother he replies to him whom giving money to them. One of the goon talj with Sathya. She pretend like talk to him in Kuberan voice. She informs to them that income tax ride coming so everyone leave the place soon after informing to Maggie. They informs to her and leaves.

Maggie question them who are they why did they came here? He informs to her they are vigilance officers within minutes income tax ride will come here so we came here to get all the assert and money. She doubts them so Sasi ask her to confirm it with Kuberan. She dials to him Sathya attend it and answer to her in Kuberan tone so she agree to give it. Sathya return the phone to Kathir and ask him to take care of him till they get money in hand.

Maggie gives all money to Sasi. Here Kuberan returns Kathir ask him to take her to cottage. He nods and leaves. Sasi collected all money from her and place it in car. He ask Makan to start the car but its not started. He says to him its not starting. Sasi informs to him that Maggie already has doubt on him because she ask him to show his ID card to him. He escaped from her reasoning getting late. Maggie shouts to stop the car. She says that they forget to take her jewels. She gives it to him. Sasi smiles and bids bye to her.

Kuberan is dancing in his room. Kathir thinks how he gonna escape from him. Still Sasi not calling him. Kuberan already starts to flirt with him. Sasi calls him Kuberan question him doesn’t she said her mobile is out of charge. He replies he mentioned didn’t recharged. Her husband is calling him so he gonna talk with him in private. Sasi informs to him the mission is success. Kathir locked Kuberan in and runs from there. Kuberan thinks why did she locks him in.

Episode end.