Sathya 5th September 2020 Written Update: Prabhu and Sathya convincing Soumya

Sathya 5th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Indhumathi sharing her thoughts with everyone there that doing Soumya engagement in her husband absense making her little worry . Everyone thinks the same. Sadashivam tells her that Soumya horoscope having some problem so it will afftect her marriage that’s why rushing her Marriage out of the blue .

He even reasoning them if she didn’t do this marriage now then it will take many years for next one . They nods in understand. Sadashivam informs to Indhumathi that he talked with his brother he replied to him to do this marriage in his absense Soumya life is important then his presence.

Soumya seems crying in her room without having anything. Her mom comes in search for her and ask her to have lunch. She deny it and continue crying. Her mom advise to her that crying whole day in empty stomach not gonna change her dad decision .

He is unlike his brother evil by his heart , he will do what he wants for that he will go at any extreme . He will allow her to starve in death instead fulfilling her wish to marry Kathir . She said to her that she tried her best to change him but failed miserably so she changed herself for him . Its time waste crying for him and better to take food on time by saying she leaves from there.

Soumya understood she can’t fight against her dad alone. Kathir don’t wish to share his love matter to Sathya but she can . She goes to Sathya room to inform her matter. Seeing her face Sathya ask her what happened. Soumya ask her to stop this marriage .

Prabhu question her from behind why should stop the marriage . Soumya didn’t expected his entry there. Soumya ask them to stop the marriage . Prabhu convince her that its an marriage fear it will be alright once the arrangements  starts. Morethen  they can’t interfear in uncle decision . Soumya leaves from there with no hope .

In company Prabhu and Vignesh were checking the file . Multinational company manager comes to meet him from Mumbai. He is surprised to hear it and welcome them in happily . They praise him for stopping the chemical project because of his act he got name and trust from people so they would like to invest 3000 crore to his project .

Prabhu got happy hearing it and thank them for helping him in his worst situation .They praise his talent and leaves from there . Vignesh congratulate him . Prabhu tells him its all happening because of Sathya. He inform Vignesh he gonna share this good news with Sathya. Vignesh advice him to bring sweet also.

Prabhu reach the house while whistling. He got off from car and about to go in he notices Sathya is sitting on Garden . He kneel down infront of her and give the sweet box to her . She accepted it . He hold her hand and dance with her in happiness.

Sathya ask to him why did he looks so excited today . He tells her he is very happy today . She ask for the reason he point her as the reason of his happiness and shares what happened in company.Sathya feels happy for him . He often repeats to her she is the reason for his happiness. He promise to her to take her out tomorrow.

As he promised he takes her out for shopping. They purchased a lot and sit inside the car. Prabhu sings happily inside the car . Sathya tells him that she didn’t see him as happy like today ever .

He tells her he is so happy because his company come back to no. 1 position and Soumya marriage too fixed with an good groom . Sathya says he is taking wrong route. Prabhu said what they gonna do going back to home instead go to restaurant and eat their favourite food. Sathya stare him in happiness.