Sathya 6th April 2021 Written Update: Sathya beats Saravana with whip

Sathya 6th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu drops Sathya at hospital, he asks her to inform him if anything serious? He leaves from there after that. Sathya enquires to the receptionist about Selvi. They informs to Sathya about her case and shares the direction with her. Sathya notices Selvi’s mother and enquires to her what happened to Selvi? She informs to Sathya that Selvi took poison in guilty. Sathya asks to her what did bothered her to take such decision in her life?

She says to Sathya that Selvi did one mistake in her life, Which ruined her life! She gave punishment to her for her own mistakes. Sathya asks her to say it clear. She says to her that Selvi will inform it to her. Maybe that’s why she ask Sathya to meet her in this situation too. She requests to Sathya don’t scold her reasoning; she already got fed up that’s why she took this extreme decision to end her life. Sathya says to her that Selvi is not only her daughter but also a sister to Sathya. She assures to her nothing will be happen and leaves to meet Selvi.

Sathya gets tears to see Selvi’s state. Sathya wakes up Selvi. Selvi starts cry seeing Sathya there. She appologizes to Sathya for making her worry. She informs to Sathya that she done a mistake even after she warned her. She didn’t heed to her words that’s why she was cheated now. Selvi says to Sathya that Saravana cheated her. She narrates everything to Sathya. Sathya gets shock of her life hearing this all. Selvi informs to Sathya that she stayed away from him, whenever he tried to misbehave with her? But she fell in his trap when did he played innocent role. Sathya says to Selvi nothing worry. She will take care of everything. Selvi says to her that she holds her breath till to appologizes to Sathya! Now she appologized, so she will close her eyes happily. Sathya consoles her and comes out of her room. Sathya moves to meet doctor.

Saravana waits for Prabhu and Sathya in home. He doubts they taking these much time to reach here? He fears they will meet Selvi at hospital. Prabhu car comes there. Saravana gets nervous seeing Prabhu entering into the house alone! Prabhu enquires to Anitha how is she? What happened to her? Indhumathi informs to him that hanging pot fell on her head while talking in mobile. Prabhu questions her how is it possible? Saravana asks to Prabhu where is Sathya to diver him? Prabhu informs to them that Sathya went to meet Selvi.

Saravana starts shiver hearing it. He thinks his plan backfired. Indhumathi enquires to Prabhu what happened to Selvi? Prabhu shares to them that Selvi is in serious condition. We returned to Chennai because of Selvi. Indhumathi realizes that’s why she didn’t come to work for one week! Sathya meets the doctor. She is not giving positive reply to her. Doctor informs to Sathya that Selvi might believe that she will be alright. If she don’t do it then their medicine can’t able to rescue her? Sathya says to her she is a brave girl. Sathya assures to Selvi’s mom that she will take care of everything.

Sathya reaches to home. Indhumathi stops her. Sathya ignores her and go to her room. Saravana doubts why didn’t she said anything to them? Anitha complaints that Sathya is not giving respect to her at all. She didn’t even give heed to her and leaves. Sathya back to her orginal form. She takes whip in her hand and comes out of the room. Seeing her Veerasingham gets nervous. Saravana starts to shiver seeing her anger. Sathya starts beating Saravana with whip. Everyone tries to stop her but she didn’t listen to them. Sadhasivam questions her whom give rights to her to beat his son? Sathya says to him he is not innocent but spoiler brat. She informs to all that Selvi is in this state, because of him.

Episode end.