Sathya 6th February 2021 Written Update: Nesamani lashing out at Maragatham

Sathya 6th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raasathi calls to the Vivek industries owner and tells him about her decision to sale her company for family situation. He agrees with her. Raasathi informs to Iniyan that he agreed to buy it. Raasathi asks him to takes her to company for last time he nods emotionally.

Prabhu asks to Ponni where is Raasathi? She replies to him that she went to deliver the things. So he asks to her husband he gives lame excuses and leaves. Prabhu doubts why did everyone lie to him. Raasathi feeling emotional staring at her company and gets worried for selling it. Azhagar starts crying reasoning this company gives food to them but it’s hurting him to sell it. Raasathi consoles him. Raasathi informs to the workers that she gonna sale this company and talk with the owner he will pay them a high amount so keep working here. She bids bye to them emotionally.

Ex. Chairman meets Kaanchana and asks her to finish one Engineer whom torturing him. She accept his request. Kanmani comes there so chairman hides from her sight informing to Kaanchana. Kanmani starts badmouthing to Kaanchana about the chairman but Kaanchana trying to alert her but she is not giving heed to her and narrating everything to her. Kaanchana advise her to talk with him again but she refuse to do it and request Kaanchana to kill the chairman, unaware he is hiding there. Kaanchana tries to convince her but she is not giving heed to her. Kaanchana assures to her that she will deal with him and sends her away. Kaanchana convince chairman too but he thinks to take revenge on Kanmani.

Prabhu and Indhumathi are sitting in varanda. Prabhu asks to her did she questions them what’s going on there? She replies none saying to her. Meanwhile Prabhu gets an call from his company some problems inbetween the union leaders. He is lashing out at them, Pooni hears it and asks to him Is there also problem? Prabhu caughts her red handed and questions her what’s going on here? She informs to him that Raasathi gonna sale her company for money. Prabhu and Indhumathi rushes out to stop Raasathi.

Azhagar and Iniyan sign the agreement but Raasathi hesitate. Prabhu and Indhumathi reaches there and stops Raasathi from sign it. Prabhu greets Vivek it seems they knew each other already. Prabhu says to Raasathi that he was hurt because she didn’t inform to him anything. It means she didn’t accept him as her brother. He somehow convince her and tear the agreement. He offers the money to her and dials to ex. Chairman. He cuts the call inorder to takes revenge on Kanmani. Raasathi learns the truth and alert Kanmani to stop him. She nods then says to her mom that she lied to Raasathi. She is ready to face him.

Ex. Chairman arrives at Paari’s house. They greets him. Chairman informs to him that he is here to collect the money. He handover the documents to him and narrates the incident to Paari. He asks Punitha to bring Maragatham there. Punitha informs to Maragatham and takes her there. When Maragatham husband about to slap her Kanmani stops Nesamani and lie to him that she gave that documents to him. Maragatham is innocent. Maragatham feels moved. She says to Kanmani she is also a part of it so she is also leaving this house.

Paari stops them by saying she is breaking this family. He tries to convince her but Nesamani stops him and asks Maragatham to leave the house then only she will realize her mistakes. Paari deny it and says to chairman he will pay the amount in 1 week. Just then Prabhu car arrives there.

Episode end.