Sathya 6th January 2021 Written Update: Kuberan Kidnapped Prabhu

Sathya 6th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with maggie is sitting in hall and waiting for Kuberan. Just then Kuberan enter into the house lost in his thoughts. Maggie ask to him that she thought they will come in 5 minutes but till none came here. Kuberan gets confuse hearing her and ask to her why did she blabbering like this? He question her why didn’t she wear any jewels today? She replies to him that she wanna protect her jewels like his documents so she gave to them.

Kuberan staring her confused and ask to her what happened? Maggie says to him that he was the one informed to her income tax ride is coming here so give all documents and money to them. She gives everything to them except the money they kept to donate to Thiruchanthoor temple. Kuberan ask to her when did he ask her to give the money don’t blabber anything where did she lost the money. Did someone cheated her? She says to him that she knew well he will question her like this that’s why she record it. She plays it to him. He gets surprised hearing his voice.

Kuberan informs to her that he didn’t talk with her in phone but someone trapped her and stole all money from them. Maggie question him if he don’t call her means whom talked to her in his mobile. Kuberan thinks about Kathir. The way he met her in park and she ask him to give his mobile to talk. She locked him inside the room. He is connecting all and says to her that he has no idea whom done this to him. Maggie is crying for lossing all money.

Sathya calls him and ask to him did he lost his all money in one day. Except for the money he saved to donate to temple, she stole everything from him. He ask to her who is she? She replies to him that she is not like the one whom he met before likewise he gonna meet too. He ask Sathya to return all the money. She disconnects the call.

Kuberan calls to Sathya. She reach in house. He ask her to return the money. She deny it. He ask her to come to video call to see her husband. Sathya is tensed to see Prabhu there. He kidnapped him and threatening Sathya to return the money orelse he will kill him. Sathya goes inside the house. Indhumathi question her where is Prabhu she lies to her he will come tomorrow. Sathya crying in her room thinking about Prabhu. He is laughing and warns Kuberan that she made him worried just because he threaten him.

Now he threaten her that he gonna kill him just wait and watch the scene. He informs to him that he gonna kill both here. Prabhu notice all the goons were in drunkan state. He untie the rope and tries to escape but shutter is closed. He calls to Sathya she help him to beat the goons. Prabhu escape from there. Goons inform this to Kuberan he thinks he will never leave her. He plan to arrange an press meet to insult Prabhu family.

Episode end.