Sathya 6th July 2021 Written Update: Sathya refuses to go with Prabhu

Sathya 6th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anitha badmouths on Sathya and talks with her in insulting way. Prabhu gets angry and shouts on Anitha to shut her mouth? If she raise her tongue against Sathya again he WI never consider her as his sister. Anitha complaints that he is supporting to his wife but fails to find her mistake. She is not capable of become Mom. Prabhu questions her how will she become a mom when nothing happened between them like normal husband and wife. He says that they didn’t started their life yet. He adds that he was reason for it all mistakes is on him. How dare she to badmouth on Sathya unaware of the truth.

Sathya leaves from there in tears Peachy warns Anitha that he don’t show sympathy to her if she talks non sense again. Sathya notices Prabhu there and cries more holding his hand. Prabhu asks her to stop crying. He tells her that he can’t able to see her in tears. He likes the braveness in her he can’t able to see the broken Sathya. Her charm is she is unlike other girls instead do brave. Sathya says to him that she never expected him to love her this much. Prabhu says to her she is his wife he can’t able to see her bending her head down in front of anyone here. It’s their personal matters no one has the rights to talk about it including his sister.

How could she poke her head in their personal matters. He questions her why are everyone blaming girl if she can’t become a mom may boy also has the problem right? He don’t like this mentality at all. Sathya informs to him that this society is like that only all family expected to see baby in one year after marriage. Family gives pressure to the girl after one year to give birth to the baby.

Sathya says to him this matter will creates problems in normal girls life then he can imagine how much it affects her. Prabhu says to Sathya that he has no option then saving her that’s why he lied to them nothing happened inbetween them. Sathya admired him after seeing his love on her. Prabhu tries to be romantic with Sathya but Indhumathi comes there. Prabhu thinks that they are caught red handed.

Indhumathi says it’s all kiddish. Past is past just ignore it. Indhumathi says to them that they cheaten her she gonna call the priest to take a good muhurth for them. They wanna give good news in one year. Indhumathi asks them to don’t cheat her again. Prabhu pretends like he don’t understand anything. Sathya glares him fakely. Veerasingham complaints that they planned something but happening something else. He can imagine what’s running on Anitha’s mind. Soon Prabhu and Sathya gonna birth to baby. He can’t able to imagine it.

Veerasingham asks Anitha to stop this first night at any cost. Anitha asks him to plan something. Veerasingham questions her Is she gonna arrange first night like newly married couple? Anitha nods to him. Anitha asks him to plan smartly this time don’t spoil the plan like last time. She can’t able to afford that slum girl carrying Prabhu’s baby. Veerasingham assures to her he will do it perfectly this time. Anitha warns him if he spoil it then she won’t sit quiet. Prabhu gets a phone call he talks with the person. He notices Sathya coning there he thinks she may be upset with what happened earlier. He wishes to take her out to cheer her up.

Prabhu informs to her that he is going out she can also go with him. He wishes to spend time with her. Sathya refuses to go with him. Prabhu feels upset to hear it. Soumya thinks why is Sathya behaving like this? Prabhu questions her Is she has some other stuff to do? She deny it and asks him to leave. Prabhu comes back to her and tells her he feels good if she accompany him out. Sathya refuses to go with him again. Sathya assures to him that she is perfectly fine no need to worry about her. Prabhu nods and leaves from there.

Episode end.