Sathya 6th March 2021 Written Update: Prabhu is on a mission

Sathya 6th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu is driving the car. Sasi is sitting beside him. Sasi questions Prabhu why did he driving in wrong direction? Hospital is in left side. Prabhu replies to him that he wants to gift something to Sathya. She don’t like his previous gift to her. So he is going to buy wheel chair for her. Sasi questions him what’s the need of new gift? Prabhu replies to him that he is going to gift her automatic wheel chair.

Surya used it in 24 movie. She can go anywhere without anyone help. Sasi replies to him that Sathya don’t need these gifts but his love and care on her. Prabhu says to him that he cares for her already. How will he care for more? Sasi questions him why did he being clueless like this? He is proving often that he is Amul baby. Prabhu replies to him that Sathya wishes to call him as Amul baby so he wants to be like this forever. Sasi complaints that he is not understanding Sathya at all. Prabhu questions him what’s she expecting from him.

Sasi replies to him that Sathya is not expecting luxurious life from him but his love. She wishes to walk with his support. She wishes to see Prabhu carrying her to the place where she can’t able to go. Prabhu changes the direction. Sasi asks to him why did he take U turn? Prabhu replies to him that he understands that Sathya don’t need luxurious things but his love. He going to give it to her. Sasi feels happy that Sathya going to celebrate it. Prabhu and Sasi reaches to hospital.

Grandma going there taking slow steps. She notices Prabhu there. She praises his wife for her good character. Sasi and Prabhu feels happy to hear it. Prabhu informs to her that she only took 5 days to understands her but he took 1 year. She says to Prabhu that she got injury in her leg and slipped yesterday while walking. Sasi and Prabhu feels pity for her. She informs to him that Sathya rescued her yesterday. She ran towards her and held her on correct time. She even safely brought her back to her room. Prabhu is confuse. Sasi thinks she confess all to Prabhu. Sasi excuses him.

Sathya is doing Yoga. Sasi comes there running and informs to Sathya everything. Sasi and Sathya are blinking. Sathya pretends like sleeping when Prabhu enters inside. Prabhu is staring Sathya in doubt. Sathya is pretending like crying to get Prabhu’s attention. Prabhu questions her Is she really pretends like not able to walk? Sathya lies to him that she can’t able to walk.

Sasi and Sathya tries to convinces Prabhu but he is not believing her. Sathya calls Chief doctor. He spits out the water and runs towards them. Prabhu questions him but he is hesitating to reply. He signals to Sathya she asks him to lie. So doctor informs to him that Sathya can’t able to walk. Prabhu says to them he will get the answer from Grandma.

Sasi going to bring grandma. She is going with Sasi and informs to him that she forget to bring her glasses. He takes the wrong one to confuse the grandma. Prabhu asks grandma to confirm whether Sathya helps her or not yesterday? She stares her but her face is looking weird because of glass. She complaints that Sathya is not the one whom helped her. She looks like Angel but she looks weird and leveas from there. Prabhu is staring Sathya in confusion. Doctor asks him to trust Sathya.

Episode end.