Sathya 6th October 2020 Written Update: Sathya and Prabu’s plan to trap Dinesh

Sathya 6th October 2020 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with.. Prabu makes an anonymous call to Dinesh… and asked for a drugs…At first he refused later he agrees to the deal and asked him a location for dealing. Prabu said I will send a location…and ends the call.

Prabu and Sathya became overjoyed…and plan to trap Dinesh… Dinesh arrived to the location and he hesitates to enter… Later, he enters in to place.. Prabu and Sathya are already in the place… they hide their face with kerchief… so Dinesh unable to see their face.. Dinesh asked to show their faces… but they refused.. and said you are my new dealer I won’t show it to you…

Dinesh asked you have money… Prabu showed the bag… Dinesh believe them.. Prabu enquire Dinesh the drugs is original or not? Dinesh take the drugs and smell and show it… Prabu said I believe you.. Dinesh asked for a money… Prabu said why I have to give the money… I achieved what I want… Dinesh won’t understand what they are telling..

Prabu and Sathya came near Dinesh and remove the kerchief from the face… Dinesh became speechless and afraid… Sathya and Prabu secretly record Dinesh’s illegal dealing. Dinesh became frightened.. Later, Prabu said I take everything in this camera.. you won’t escape from my hands..
Suddenly Kumaravel arrives at the spot with his henchmen.. Kumaravel snatched that camera from the Prabu hands.. Prabu tries to catch that but he threatens..

Dinesh and Kumaravel laughs at Prabu and Sathya… Sathya became anger.. Prabu inform to Kumaravel that your son is a dealer of drugs.. how to mary him to my sister… Dinesh and Kumaravel smiles.. Dinesh said I learnt this business from my father… you are complaint to him… and laughs..
Prabu and Sathya became furious… and tries to beat Dinesh.. Suddenly Kumaravel henchmen arrives.. Sathya and Prabu fight with them and tries to catch the camera from them.. Sathya and Prabu fights with them…

Later, the camera came in the hands of Kumaravel… Sathya asked him to give… but he thrown the camera into the fire.. Sathya screams and beat the Kumaravel harshly.. Kumaravel threatens her by saying I will inform to Sathasivam.. Sathya became speechless and cries a lot.. Prabu became worried and saying we lost the evidence… how we are going to stop the marriage..

Both became upset and reached home.. Sathya sitting in the room.. Prabu enquire her.. Later, he went to remove the shirts.. He screams out of pain.. Sathya came near him and asked What happened.. why are you screaming.. Prabu said nothing.. Sathya removed his shirt and see there are some wound in his body.. She went and bring a hot water.. and asked him to lie down.. she give a hot water massage in the wounded place..
Prabu tingling when she touches him.. Sathya tends to a wounded Prabu..
With this the episode ends..