Sathya 7th April 2021 Written Update: Sathya reveals the truth to Prabhu

Sathya 7th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya is beating Saravana with whip. Sadhasivam tries to stop Sathya, but she is not giving heed to anyone. Sadhasivam questions Sathya whom give rights to her to beat his son? Sathya says to him don’t mention him as his ‘son’. He is a spoiler brat! She again starts beating him. Indhumathi stops Sathya, she asks her to say the reason first. Sathya informs to all that Saravana is the reason for Selvi’s state. Everyone gets shock to hear it. Indhumathi asks Sathya to explain it. Sathya informs to them that Saravana played an love drama to Selvi, he married her secretly in temple.

After used her he left her alone in Resort taking her nuptial chain with him. Everyone gets the shock of their life. Saravana lies to all that he can’t able to understand anything. Selvi may be lying. Sathya questions him why should she lie in this state? Saravana says to her that she want to ask this question to Selvi. Selvi scolds Saravana to stop pretending like innocent; Saravana asks to Sadhasivam don’t he trust him? Sadhasivam says to Sathya it’s not fair to beat his son for mere a servant word!

Sathya says to him that Selvi is fighting for her breath there, but Saravana standing here without any guilt. Sadhasivam says to Sathya that she is not allowed to touch him before proving anything. Sathya says to him that she will prove it to everyone then will show hell to Saravanan and leaves. Sadhasivam says to Indhumathi it’s not fair Sathya touching his son. He was silent in everything but not anymore. If she do like this again, then he will breaks all ties with this family. Nirmala asks to Indhumathi doesn’t she know about Saravana? Will he do anything like this? She has no idea why did Selvi lie to Sathya? But she fears this problem will lead to break their relationship with each other. Indhumathi stares Saravana. He pretends like innocent there.

Indhumathi calls to Prabhu. He is busy in checking the office file. Indhumathi asks Prabhu to come back immediately, reasoning Sathya reached back to house. Indhumathy further says that Sathya created a big issue here. Prabhu leaves from there. Indhumathi waits for Prabhu. He reaches there and enquires to Indhumathi what’s going on here? Indhumathi narrates to him whatever happened here! Indhumathi shares to him that Sathya is hell angry on Saravana! Only Prabhu can able to control her. Prabhu rushes towards his room and finds Sathya there, standing in anger! Prabhu questions her what’s it all?

Sathya narrates to him whatever Selvi said to her. Prabhu asks to her Is Saravana did this all? Saravana is not that type. Sathya further says, that Saravana already tried to misbehave with Selvi she was the one warned him! Indhumathi questions her why didn’t she said it before? Sathya says that she thinks to don’t create any issues here. Sathya starts crying thinking about Selvi’s state. Sathya says to him that Selvi is innocent girl. She is younger then her how could Saravana misuses her? Sathya wishes to kill him. Prabhu asks her to control her anger.

Prabhu enquires to Indhumathi where is Saravana? She informs to him that he may be in his room. Prabhu starts to search for him. Saravana hears his voice and gets alert. He wishes to divert Prabhu. Prabhu confronts him. Saravana pretends like crying and asks to Prabhu why is Sathya blaming him? He never think Sathya has grudges against him. Prabhu says to him that Sathya never lie! Prabhu enquires to him why did he misbehaved with Selvi? Saravana informs to him that Sathya misunderstood him. He loved Selvi but hesitate to tell everyone in fear. But later he understood that Selvi eyed on their property. He locks Prabhu emotionally and make him believe his lies! Prabhu shares this matter to Sathya. She gets angry and tries to leave from there but Prabhu stops her.

Episode end.