Sathya 7th February 2021 Written Update: Sathya is back

Sathya 7th February 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Iniyan informs to Nesamani that they are here to stop the ex.chairman but before that he revealed everything to all. He replies to Iniyan they solved this problem just now. Prabhu says to Maragatham that Raasathi even ready to sale her company for her but she is not ready to accept her as her daughter in law.

Maragatham replies that Kanmani gave the chance to her stand in election and took the blame on her so she is her favourite. Iniyan says to Prabhu that how much she do for her she won’t agree that Raasathi is a good daughter in law. Indhumathi added that she understand Raaaathi well in the short time then why don’t she? After everyone leaves Kanmani teases Raasathi that she fail to impress Maragatham because she pretend like taking blame on her now see the result. Raasathi leaves silent.

Kanmani asks Gokila to praise her infront of Maragatham. But Maragatham scold Kanmani in return for taking decisions in rush. She narrates to Anitha however she wasted her money giving worst idea to her. Iniyan thanks Prabhu for stopping them on time. He replies what’s hurting him, Maragatham is blindly trusting Kanmani and not seeing Raasathi’s good heart. She ask him to leave the topic. They are having family time. Kanmani asks Kaanchana to stop Raasathi sitting in chairman position. She plans to place bomb in that function. Kanmani asks her to do it successfully this time atleast. She assures to her.

Raasathi reaches the function to take oath. Kaanchana makes sure with her goons Is everything going as the planned. Maragatham family arrives there she greets her but she ignores her and leaves from there. Raasathi welcomes Collector and moves in. Kanmani is provoking Maragatham against Raasathi. Azhagar teases Paranthaman. Kanmani and Kaanchana are waiting to see Raasathi die in bomb blast.

Collector giving speech then Raasathi takes oath. Sathya comes there and tease Kanmani Is she fix any bomb there why did she looks so happy here? Kanmani glare her. Sathya asks Azhgar to give space to her and sits beside Prabhu. He is surprise to see her there. He doubts whether he is dreaming or not? She pinches him and assures him its real. He feels very happy to see Sathya is back.

Kanmani calls to Kaanchana when bomb didn’t blast on time? Sathya snatches her mobile and informs to her that she removed it and asks Kaanchana to check her behind. Bomb blasted on her side. Sathya warns her to stay away from Raasathi orelse she will show hell to her. Kanmani gets frustrate and leaves from there taking Maragatham with her. Sathya and Prabhu congratulate Raasathi for became a chairman. They takes their leave bidding bye to them.

Mahasangamam end.