Sathya 7th January 2021 Written Update: Sathya trapped Kuberan

Sathya 7th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Police Jeep comes infront of Prabhu house. Kuberan and Inspector gets down from it. Both entered into the house and shouting Prabhu name loudly. Indhumathi question him why did he shouting like this infront of house morning itself. Kuberan says to her that they cheated their money and talking like this to him. He ask her to call Prabhu. Everyone comes there in his voice. Kuberan says to him that he gave time to him to return money but he took advantage on him.

He is not gonna leave him today so he called all press media here to tear his mask. He gonna announce to them how did he betrayed all. Prabhu family staring him hesitated. Sathya smirking. Anitha and Veerasingham comes there. He ask the Inspector to arrest them. Just the media comes there and question Inspector what’s going on here? Inspector says that Prabhu construction cheated peoples.

Media question them to explain it. Sathya says she will do it. She informs to them that whoever done mistake might be punished. Veerasingham and Anitha thinks that Sathya gonna get revenge on her for this. Media ask to Sathya why did she giving statement against her husband? She replies to them that she mentioned whom done a mistake should be punished. She ask them to check the SP there. Inspector salute him.

Media question him why did he came here? He replies he is here to arrest the person whom cheated peoples money. Inspector says he is here to arrest them. SP slapped him and says he is here to arrest both of them. Kuberan and Inspector got shocked. Sathya says to Kuberan not only she took his money but Documents too. She send it to all state police station. So they are here to arrest him. Sathya send all money to Inspector house so they arrested both of them. Kuberan thinks he will destroy her life. SP appreciate Sathya and leaves. Indhumathi kiss Sathya.

Everyone is in hall sitting there Indhumathi says that Sathya saved their presitige today. Because of Anitha ego we hide the truth from Sathya but she is the one saved everyone. Kathir narrate to them how did Sathya trapped Kuberan and done this all. They praise her. Sathya says to them its also happened for good she got to know how did everyone treating her here. She is nobody.

Indhumathi says to her she is her daughter in law don’t talk like this. Sathya says to her she is just like others to her by saying she leaves. Indhumathi lashes out at Anitha for hurting Sathya. She ask her to leave the house. Everyone tries to stop her but couldn’t. Anitha starts to punish herself. Prabhu stops her and says stop doing this all and give peace. He takes Indhumathi inside the room.

Episode end.