Sathya 7th July 2021 Written Update: Sathya dancing wearing Prabhu’s shirt

Sathya 7th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya informs to Prabhu that she knew why is he calling her out? She is not disturbed as he thinking she is in normal mood. Prabhu asks her to take rest and leaves from there. Soumya questions Selvi why is Sathya behaving like this instead of spending time with Prabhu? She says that she is also confused. Prabhu is driving the car while thinking about Sathya’s strange behaviour. He doubts that she may angry on him. He thinks its hard to understand a woman’s heart? Prabhu about to hit a vehicle in tension.

Prabhu turns on the FM for entertainment. He hears the love show programme and listens to the song. He feels lighten thinking about Sathya and the moments he spend with her. Another side Sathya is wearing Prabhu’s shirt and smells it then smiles. She reminds Prabhu’s word and dances in happiness. Prabhu imagines how is Sathya dancing in his room.

Sathya stares Prabhu’s photo and takes drishti of him. She blushes seeing the drawing of their babies. She dances in happiness. Soumya and Selvi fears what’s Sathya doing inside after locking the door. Sathya is admiring the photo. Selvi and Soumya are knocking the door and fears why is she not opening the door. They opens the door to find Sathya is dancing crazily wearing Prabhu’s shirt. Soumya complaints that she can’t able to understand her. Why did she refused to go with him and dancing here wearing his shirt.

Selvi says that she is loving him this much then why is she not showing it to him. Sathya says to then she is so happy today because of her husband she don’t wanna ruin her happiness for him. Sathya adds that Prabhu will be happy seeing her in happiness. But he will disappoint her in next moment. Selvi supports Prabhu by saying he won’t do like this. Sathya says that she is not only mentioning about her amul baby but also all men.

Soumya and Selvi supports their husbands. Sathya says that Kathir has no habit of maintain patience. She even teases Sasi also. Sathya asks Soumya to prove to her that Kathir don’t has that habit. Sathya questions her why is she wearing new sarie instead of proving. Soumya says that Kathir brought this sarie for her two days before. He will be happy to see her in this sarie. She asks Sathya to follow her and watch what’s happening here. Kathir is checking the file Soumya goes near him. He notices her and praises her sarie and beauty. Sathya and Selvi are watching them from upstairs. Selvi says that all men’s are not same.

Sathya asks Selvi to count from 1 to 10 then she can see the result. Kathir is taking Soumya’s photo and spends quality time with each other. Soumya asks him to take selfies together. He nods. Soumya says that they can take Selfi and makes them jealous. He gets a phone call so he leaves to attend the call. Soumya says to Sathya that all men’s are not same doesn’t she saw him taking care of her. Kathir is talking with the customer angrily. Soumya asks him to take the selfie. He is not smiling at all. He asks her to stop disturbing him he is already in work tension. So leave him alone. Sathya laughs at her.

Episode end.