Sathya 7th June 2021 Written Update: Selvi Punishes Sasi

Sathya 7th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu questions Sathya Is she gets goosebumps after reading his poetry? Sathya questions him Is he write it? She complaints that she already read this poetry once only little portion is in it. He took someone else work to her. He thinks that he wrote cinema song for Sasi but he didn’t tried it for Sathya then why did she saying like this?

Sathya questions him what’s he thinking? He questions her where did she read it? Sathya informs to him once she sat in tea shop on that time this poetry fell near her. Prabhu doubts how comes it possible? He reminds how did he tried to gift Divya thid but it fall down. Prabhu tells to Sathya he will inform to her when did she read it? Sathya asks him to say it. Prabhu tells her she read it on the the day when his alliance fixed with Divya. On that say poetry flew in air but it’s actually reached to the hand who owned it?

Sathya stares him in smile. Sathya informs to him that she liked the poetry on that day itself. Prabhu asks her to give return gift to him for it. Sathya questions him what gift he needs from her? He asks her to give one he paused his words. Sathya allows him to touch her cheeks. Prabhu questions her Is today their second night? Sathya nods.

Saravana wounded badly and laying on sofa. His friend comes there and notices his position. He questions Saravana doesn’t he warned him to stop this all just look at his state now? Saravana tries to talk with him but fails. His friend complaints he talked too much when he advised him but he can’t able to talk now. He makes him stand but Saravana can’t able to walk properly. He takes him out.

Sathya is watching the movie. Selvi comes there happily. Sathya stops her and enquires her about yesterday night. Selvi blushes and tells her nothing happened. Sathya says that her blush saying everything. She teases her. Selvi informs to her that Sasi wrote poetry for her. Selvi demands Sathya to read it first she refuses to read it later changes her mind.

Sathya about to read it but they notices same poetry scene is streaming in movie. Sathya teases Selvi by saying her husband cheated her with someone else poetry. Selvi pouts there. Sasi comes there and calls Selvi. Sathya greets him and complaints that after he got married he is not minding sister. Sasi deny it. Sathya praises him for writing poetry.

Sasi takes the praise and says he used to write always. Selvi for impressed by his small work yesterday and praising him like this. Sathya asks him to explain the meaning of the poetry while playing the movie. Sasi understand that Prabhu cheaten him. He thinks that Prabhu betrayed him. Selvi stares him in anger. Sasi thinks that he asked him to give ides to impress his wife but he wrote someone else poetry and asked him to say it to Selvi. Prabhu comes there and enquires them about Sasi. Sathya showa Sasi to him who knelt down there.

Prabhu questions Sathya why is he treating him like this? He is newly married so she shouldn’t treat him in this way. Sathya informs to him that Selvi asked him to do it. Sasi is a fraud and cheater. Prabhu questions him doesn’t he changed yet even after marriage too? Sasi thinks he didn’t done anything but he done. Prabhu asks Sathya to explain him. Sathya narrates all to him. Prabhu stares Sasi sadly and pretends like scolding him in front of them. Prabhu asks Selvi and Sathya to stay back reasoning he gonna say bad words to Sasi they shouldn’t hear it.

Episode end.