Sathya 7th October 2020 Written Update: Sathya reprimands Prabu

Sathya 7th October 2020 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with…the family members and sitting together and looking at jewelry for Somya… Somya sitting sadly among them.. Anitha asked Somya did you like this? Nirmala asked Anitha to see this jewelry.. At that moment Prabu and Sathya came down..
Sadashivam said that we are looking at jewelry.. Come and join with us… Prabu urged Sathya to come.. but refused and stand there itself.. Nirmala asked Sadashivam shall we distribute the clothes for family members.. He scold Nirmala by saying tomorrow keeping the wedding but still you won’t distribute the clothes… go and get it…

Somya looked at Sathya sadly.. Sathya blinked her eyes and smiles.. Nirmala brought the clothes… Sadashivam asked her to distribute.. Nirmala distribute the new clothes for everyone except Sathya.. Sathya stands with smiling faces.. Prabu asked Nirmala where is the clothes for Sathya?

Sadashivam said we brought clothes for all why are keeping with you call the servants and give.. Sadashivam calls the Servants and distributes the clothes for them.. Sadashivam looked at Sathya and smiles…. Sathya won’t bother that… Prabu became tensed and shouts..

Sathya asked him to calm down.. but he argues with Sadashivam when the latter humiliates Sathya.. Sathya asked him to be quiet but he became tensed and said I won’t come for wedding.. All became shocked.. Sadashivam said if this may be your wish…do as your wish..

Prabu refuses to participate in the wedding.. and went… Prabu’s Mother said what are you doing is not fair? and left inside.. Anitha worried of Prabu.. Sadashivam said now only I’m happy… if Sathya come she will surely create problem… I thought of how to avoid her… this is the chance.. Anitha said because of her Prabu won’t come for wedding.. Sadashivam said it’s hard what can I do… he left inside..
Sathya and Prabu went to their room.. Sathya scold him.. and reprimands Prabu for his foolishness..

Sathya said you spoiled the plan… we plan to stop the wedding.. but you refused to participate in the wedding… how we are going to stop the marriage. if we go the wedding we will stop the wedding… now how will stop the marriage.. Sathya scold Prabu.. Prabu asked why didn’t you calm down me.. Sathya said I asked you to be quiet but you won’t listen me at all.
Later, Prabu invite Kulla bootham and inform to him that I am not going to participate in Somya wedding.. so you go and wish her instead of me.. he agrees and went..

Sathya asked why he is shouting… Prabu said as per our plan I inform to him.. The latter, Sathya make a phone call to Makan and inivite for Somya wedding.. he refused.. Sathya said I invite you for stop the wedding.. and explain the plan to Makan.. Makan agrees..
Somya came near Sathya and said if I marry Dinesh I will surely drink this poison and die.. there itself…
with this the episode ends…