Sathya 8th February 2021 Written Update: Sathya helping Prabhu

Sathya 8th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu driving the car and Sathya is sitting beside him. Indhumathi dials to her and enquires about her whereabout? She replies to her that she is on the way to home.

Indhumathi says to Sathya that she must come straight to home don’t spend time here and there reasoning she is missing her a lot. When she comes to meet her she went to see her grandma. Sathya assures to her she will reach home soon. Prabhu staring Sathya happily.

Indhumathi calls Selvi and informs to her that Sathya is coming back to house after so many days. She wanna welcome her happily with her favourites food. Anitha, Sadhashivam and Veerasingham are glaring Indhumathi when she takes Sathya name there. Indhumathi giving Sathya’s favourite food list to Selvi and asks her to cook it. Veerasingham drooling over hearing the menu. He says to Anitha that Indhumathi never cooked his favourite food for him yet but she is doing this all for Sathya.

Anitha says to Sadhashivam to shut his mouth. He shares to Sadhashivam that she can’t able to forget the pain yet. Whenever she tries to sleep those incidents makes her restless. Veerasingham questions her Is she still has that pain she beaten her with whip one month before. Anitha replies that she meant the pain in her heart.

Sadhashivam says to her nothing to worry he planned something else for her. Goons staring Sathya picture and says to them she is Sathya we got an order to kill her. If we kill her then they will give them huge amount for it. One of the goon says she is lady so its an easy target nothing to worry. He replies don’t takes her as easy target because many tried to assault her but nothing worked out. She made everyone appologize to her at the end. They plans to kill her at any cost.

Prabhu car crossed the village. Goons starts following them in lorry. Prabhu gets a phone call he about to pick it phone falls down. While taking it his back got sprained. Prabhu moans in pain so Sathya asks him to stop the car. He stops the car and gets down.

Lorry also stopped behind them and watching them out. Sathya says to him that she will drive so he can takes rest. Sasi notice one girl and grandma selling tender coconuts. He smiles to her and asks Prabhu to buy tender coconut for him.

Grandma questions Prabhu why did he standing like this? Sathya narrates to her all. She says to him that she can help him relieve from sprain. Sathya force him to go with grandma. When she touch him Prabhu says he is getting tickling sensation so grandma bring Sathya there and teaching her how to take it. Sathya doing it for Prabhu. He feels happy to see her helping him romantic song plays at the background.

Episode end.