Sathya 8th January 2021 Written Update: Sathya beating Anitha with whip

Sathya 8th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Sathya is sitting in her room and crying thinking about the incident. Indhumathi enters into her room and sits beside her. She ask Sathya to forgive her for hiding the incident with her. Anitha done a big scene there to hide these all from her that’s why she hide it.

Sathya says to her that she never feel betrayed this much if someone else done this to her but its hurting so much when Indhumathi hide it from her. Indhumathi apologize to her and says to her she never thought to done this but situation. Sathya blame her don’t pretend like she likes Sathya a lot. Indhumathi feels emotional and says to her that she likes Sathya more then her daughter. Sathya stare her crying. Indhumathi narrate to Sathya why did she hide this all from her. She is her mother what if she do anything in anger then she will cry life long. Indhumathi feels that Sathya is not reacting so she leaves from there crying.

Sathya stops her and advise to her that her daughter in law is anger on her so she wanna try to console her instead of leaving like this. She got changed because of her daughter in law. Indhumathi agree with her. Sathya hugs her. She says to her she is hungry. Indhumathi takes her out but Prabhu is there. She ask him to join with her to take lunch.

He nods. Indhumathi stops him and question Sathya that not only She hide the truth from her but also Prabhu too. Why didn’t she show her anger on her Is she fool to believe it. Sathya says to her its all for the one whom hide it but Prabhu didn’t hide it from her. Indhumathi staring them in open mouth realizing that Prabhu informed to her everything.

Sadgashivam asking to Anitha why did she hurt herself with whip. She replies to him its just an drama to flatter everyone there orelse they would have kicked her out. Whatever say mom still having that love on her in her inner heart. Next Day Nirmala, Indhumathi and Soumya getting ready to go temple. They inform to Sadhashivam and leaves from there. Sathya comes down searching for them. Veerasingham informs to her everyone went out.

Sathya smirks when no one is in home. She close the door and windows. She comes there with whip. Sadhashivam threatening her how dare she to say she gonna beat Anitha. Sathya warns him to stay away. She starts beat Anitha and Veerasingham with whip and ask them to sit quietly. Sadhashivam says to her he gonna inform this to all. Sathya shows one video to them and threaten them if they reveal the truth she will show it to all. As per Sathya idea all lie to them but Indhumathi find it out.

Episode end