Sathya 8th March 2021 Written Update: Prabhu caught Sathya red-handed

Sathya 8th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Selvi cooking in kitchen. Saravana comes there and starts a conversation with her. He informs to her that he is going to do Angapradarshanam in temple. Selvi questions him what’s the need of it? He has rich life and family. Saravanan replies to her that he wants to do it for his personal reasons. He is craving for love.

Selvi stares him in confusion. Saravanan gives a reason to her that he lived in abroad leaving his family. So he didn’t taste the love yet in his life. He wishes to marry a girl whom loving him. He asks Selvi to accompany him as a friend. He asks her to think about it and leaves. Sathya is staring Prabhu. He is busy in adjusting the time in his watch. Sathya gets irritates seeing him concentrating on something else. Sathya pretends like shivering in cold.

Prabhu notices Sathya and enquires her what happened to her? She lies to him that she is feeling cold here. Prabhu says to her he will turn off the AC Sathya deny it. Prabhu covers her with comforter. Sathya pretends like coughing. Prabhu gives water to her. Chidambaram is coming to her room taking flowers. He greets Sathya. Seeing him Prabhu gets anger and questions him why is he here? Chidambaram asks him to accept the flowers? He glares him at back. He asks Sathya to accept it atleast. She frowns at him so he places it down. He says to Prabhu that he has one good news to share with him.

Prabhu asks him to leave reasoning he is not interested in his matters. Sathya tells Prabhu let’s listen to him. Chidambaram adds that its good news for him but not for Prabhu and Sathya. Prabhu glares at him. Chidambaram informs to them that Vinoth will come out of jail in next week. He got bail. Prabhu advises him to don’t take him out orelse he will kill Vinoth with his own hands. Chidambaram warns him that once Vinoth come out then Prabhu and Sathya will live in misery. Prabhu gets angry but Sathya stops him. She says to Prabhu that Barking dog don’t bite. Chidambaram is same so just kick him out. Chidambaram leaves from there angrily.

Chidambaram reaches near his car and says to his henchman that Sathya insulted him. He warned him that he will kill Vinoth. Chidambaram asks his henchman to kill Prabhu infront of Sathya. He will take care of rest. Henchman calls to his helpers. They rushes towards the hospital. Prabhu carries Sathya and makes her sit in the wheel chair. Sathya questions him where did he taking her? Prabhu says to her that Chidambaram spoiled his mood so he is taking her out for a walk. Goons rushes inside to attack them.

Prabhu fights with the goons. But goons blockes Prabhu and beats on his head. They goes to attack Sathya but she starts beat them back. Prabhu gets surprise to see it. Sathya shows black and blue to them. Goons starts run from there pushing down Sasi. He complaints that they don’t have manners. Prabhu questions Sathya how comes she fight with them. Sathya replies to him that she fought with them in an emotion. Sasi comes there and questions Prabhu Is he miss any fight scene?

Sasi asks to Sathya why did she standing here instead of sitting in wheel chair. Sathya replies to him that she was caughted. Sasi tries to act along with her but Prabhu slaps him. He complaints that he too lied with Sathya. Sathya runs inside. Nurse informs to Chief doctor there is a problem. He guess its from Sathya’s room. She nods. He leaves to her room. Prabhu questions Sathya why did she sitting in wheel chair now? She replies to him she used to be. Sasi and Sathya are staring Prabhu while pouting.

Episode end.