Sathya 9th April 2021 Written Update: Saravana’s evil move

Sathya 9th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu notices Sathya is sitting silent. Prabhu asks Sathya to stop worrying about this incident. He complaints that she didn’t slept whole night. She is looking so tired today. He questions her Is she eat anything? Sathya stays quiet. Prabhu finds out that Sathya skipped food too. He scolds her for being careless. Prabhu asks her to take dinner. Sathya says to him that she is not hungry. Prabhu says to her that problem won’t solve if she stays hungry and didn’t sleep whole night. Prabhu assures to her that he will solve this problem. Prabhu says to Sathya that they can talk with them. Prabhu takes Sathya down to take dinner. He serves to her plate. Sathya refuses to eat food. Prabhu starts feed her. Sathya eats it happily.

Sathya comes down after getting ready. She notices two ladies are sitting opposite to Nirmala. Saravana’s face is also not giving good vibes to her. Sathya doubts what’s going on there? Nirmala signals to those ladies don’t say anything to Sathya. Indhumathi comes there. Sathya enquires to her who are they? Indhumathi informs to Sathya that they are Nirmala’s guest. Sathya nods and leaves from there to meet Selvi in hospital. Those ladies enquires to Nirmala Is she her second daughter in law? Nirmala nods. Prabhu comes there Nirmala stops him! Nirmala says to him that they are here to meet him. Nirmala signals those ladies to talk with Prabhu. They nods with her. They questions Prabhu Is Selvi working here? He nods. She says to him that Selvi worked in her house 10 years before. She gave fake complaint to police that they tortured her. We used to treat her like their own daugher but she did like that to them. Another one lady adds that Selvi blamed her son as spoiler brat. She created an image that her son misbehaved with her. We paid money for her. Prabhu listents to this. Nirmala signals them to leave. They asks Prabhu to be alert. Nirmala asks Prabhu to think about it!

Saravana says to Nirmala that Prabhu didn’t said anything about it. He doubts whether he believed it or not? Saravana questions her why didn’t she played this drama when Sathya is there? Nirmala questions him Is Prabhu react to anything? But Sathya is different. She would have torture them with her questions? She will make them confess the truth. Nirmala says to Saravana that Sathya won’t leave this matter soon. She will go any extreme to prove Selvi’s innocence. Saravana says to her that Sathya can’t able to do anything. Nirmala alerts him don’t look down on Sathya! Nirmala slaps him and says that she lost her peace, because of him. Prabhu is working in his office. He gets a call from reception. Prabhu talks with him and asks that person to send in.

One person comes there to meet Prabhu. He says to Prabhu that he learnt Selvi working in his house. He is here to alert him. He lies to Prabhu that Selvi gave a fake complaint against him that he misbehaved with her. She demanded money to him. Even after paid money to her, problem didn’t solved. His wife left from him. He asks Prabhu to be alert and leaves. Prabhu thinks about his words. Saravana pays the money to him. He appreciates his acting. Saravana thinks that everything going according to his plan. Sathya waits for Prabhu. He comes there and enquires about Selvi’s state. She says to him that she is doing good now! Prabhu says to her let’s talk about it infront of Selvi and Saravana. Sathya says to him that Saravana is a lier he don’t hesitate to lie. Prabhu says to Sathya that Selvi is not less.

Episode end.