Sathya 9th February 2021 Written Update: Sathya escapes from goons

Sathya 9th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Grandma asks Sathya to follow her hands gesture and tries it on Prabhu’s back. It will helps him to relieve from his pain. Sathya nods and touch him. He feels strange feelings inside him. Both Sathya and Prabhu are smiling Romantic songs plays at the background.

Goons are waiting for Prabhu and Sathya in their lorry. Sasi is keep flirting with the coconut seller girl. He is asking her personal details to her in english she replies her name as pechiyammal. He thinks its old name. He enquires about her martial status. She informs to him that her mama is waiting for her to marry. He is owned by a juice shop.

Sasi thinks none is accepting his love. He tries to create image to him then says that Prabhu and Sathya are his staffs and that car belongs to him so she will turns rich if she marry him. She deny it. Sasi questions her then why did she smiles to him? She replies its her trick to get customers. He came to buy tender coconut after she smiles to him. He pouts.

Grandma asks Sathya to stop. She gets up and staring grandma. She says to Sathya that Prabhu didn’t shout when she touches him. She used to saw many persons whom moaning in pain. Its clearly showing their love for each other. She didn’t meet any understanding couples likes them in recent days.

Sathya and Prabhu stares each other lovingly. They comes near grandmas store and gives the money to her but she refuses to accept reasoning they are so good. Pechiyamma complaints that Sasi is talking too much he flirts with her. Grandma glares him and used marama kalai on him. Sasi pleads her to cure him but Prabhu deny it and appreciating Grandma. Sathya asks her to helps him.

Prabhu starts driving the car goons are following them. When they about to hit them in car police jeep comes inbetween them. Goons slow down the lorry till police leaves from their sight. Prabhu’s car entered into city so goons stops following them fears that cctv will caught them.

Indhumathi is waiting for Sathya and gets excited to hear their car sound. Anitha doubts how comes Sathya reaches the home safe. Indhumathi pushes them down and rushes outside. Sathya and Indhumathi hugs each other. They gets busy in talking so Prabhu complaints that he is also her son. She replies that she is meeting Sathya after two weeks but she met him before 2 days. Indhumathi asks Prabhu to comes inside carrying the luggage. Veerasingham says its too much.

Episode end.