Sathya 9th June 2021 Written Update: Sathya’s master plan

Sathya 9th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirmala dials to Saravana phone. Indhumathi questions her what happened? Nirmala informs to her that Saravana went to guest house two days before till he didn’t return to home and not even attending the call. He never refuses to attend the call yet. His mobile is switched off now. Sadhasivam went to Delhi or else she would have asked him to check him there. Indhumathi says Prabhu is here he will go and check him. Indhumathi informs it to Prabhu. Nirmala narrates everything to him and asks her to check him.

Saravana’s friend take wounded Saravana inside the house in wheel chair. Everyone gets shock and enquires to him what happened? Saravana stares Selvi. Selvi, Sathya and Sasi looks at each other. Sathya asks Selvi to don’t open her mouth. Saravana and his friend stares Sathya. She bends her head down. Anitha questions Saravana Is he fall down after drunk? Veerasingham comments he looks like someone showed black and blue to him then how could she ask him Is he fall down after drunk?

Sathya assures to Selvi she will deal with it. Sathya questions Saravana whom did it to him? If he needs any help then he should have called her? She can’t able to see him in this state! Sathya asks them to call doctor and check him? She says that phone is in her room she will do and call the doctor. Sathya signals to him that she will kill him if he open his mouth. Veerasingham thinks that Sathya done this to him seeing her performance.

Saravana’s friend informs to Sathya that he knew well she done this to Saravana. But he won’t reveal it to anyone because he done sin. Sathya talks to a doctor. Nirmala questions her where is the doctor? She informs to her he is on the way. Selvi fears that he will mention her name if he get well. Chief doctor comes there. Nirmala questions her why did she called him? Sathya says to her that he is a lucky hand person he will cure Saravana soon.

Doctor asks to Sathya who is patient this time? Anitha asks Nirmala to bring Saravana there. Doctor checks him and says there is no chance to get this much wound if he falls down from stairs. He asks to Saravana what happened? He tries to narrates all to him but he don’t understand anything. Doctor informs to them his wound itself saying someone showed black and blue to him.

Veerasingham thinks Sathya may done this? She signals to him threatening way. Doctor stares Sathya she signals to him that Selvi done it. Nirmala asks doctor to cure him soon. Doctor says that its hard to cure him well. He needs time to cure well. He asks them to give medicine and healthy food to him on time. Veerasingham says that Saravana can’t able to sleep without drink how will he drink hereafter? Doctor informs to him if he take drinks again he will turns to dead body. He thinks to pretend like trear him for Sathya. Sathya stares Saravana in teasing way. Veerasingham enters into Saravana room. He teases him in indirect way. He informs to him that he is here to drink. Saravana glares him. Veerasingham ignores him and starts search for the drinks.

Episode end.