Sathya 9th May 2021 Written Update: Prabhu re-entry gives a shock to Sadhasivam

Sathya 9th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sadhasivam complaints that Sathya has no care on Prabhu that’s why she is adamant to perform this marriage in Prabhu absence. He adds that she may has no love on him but he will never allow this marriage happen without his blessings. Sathya questions him why did he getting tenses morning itself? He will come. Sadhasivam complaints that she is giving fake hope to perform this marriage.

Sathya calls as ‘ Amul baby’. Prabhu comes there giving shock to all. He comes there along with Sathya brothers. Indhumathi happiness having no bounds seeing him there but others are still in shock.

Sathya smiles seeing him. Prabhu walks near them. Indhumathi enquires him how is he? He assures to her that he is doing good. Sathya question Him Is he satisfied now? Shall she start the function? Indhumathi questions her how did she find him out? Sathya shares to her that she was searching for Prabhu yesterday. She noticed one person buying gulfi there. She recognizes his face and the watch which he is wearing as Prabhu watch. She calls to him. Goon doubts how to attend the call in this watch? Sathya questions him where is the car? He lies to her. She slaps him and takes him near the car. Sathya shows black and blue to them and save Prabhu from them. Prabhu fighting with the goon for not giving the watch to him? Sathya asks him to leave it he can buy new one. He deny it reasoning its his watch. Sathya says to him that he is getting late to attend marriage. He removes the watch and leaves from there along with Sathya.

Sathya informs to all this is what happened? Indhumathi says that Sadhasivam kept correct name to Sathya as ” Janci Rani”. She takes srishti from her. Sadhasivam glares her and leaves from there in anger. Sathya asks everyone to concentrate in marriage function. Rakesh brings one grandma to that marriage function. He makes her sit in wheel chair and gives tea to her. He then takes her inside the auditorium.

Sathya smells something fishy. She informs to Makan that she didn’t saw this grandma in any function. They bring her here for some purpose. Makan assures to her that he will take care of it. Rakesh informs to him that he brought grandma. Saravana says to him that he is going to stop this marriage with this grandma. He asks him to give this powder to her on marriage time. If she eat it then she will die and his marriage will stop automatically. Saravana starts taking round around the fire along with Selvi. Anitha asks Veerasingham to burn Selvi Sarie. He refuses to do it. She threats him that she will burn him then.

Veerasingham tries to burn it but fails often. He complaints that lighter is not working so he checks it with Anita sarie. He gets shock to see Anitha Sarie is burning. Everyone shocks to see it. Sathya calls Pana Manda there. He turns it off at last. Sathya says to Prabhu nothing to worry. Veerasingham thinks that Sathya is ready for everything. Anitha says that its bad omen sarie burning in fire in Mandap. She says to them she don’t like this marriage to happen. Sathya says that everyone used to say bad omen when bride sarie burnt in fire. But here Anitha Sadie burnt in fire so her time is not well. If she leave from here this marriage will happen without any problem. Pandith too agrees with her. Sathya asks them to leave from there.

Episode end.