Sathya 9th October 2020 Written Update: Sathya and Prabu mock Anitha

Sathya 9th October 2020 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Sashi argues with the guard, who doesn’t let him enter the marriage hall… Sashi tries to convince the guard but he won’t listen him… The guard said I won’t allow you… this is the order…. Sashi asked who asked to do this… The Guard showed Anitha… Sashi tries to call her….but she busily talking to Veerashingam..

Later, she noticed Sashi… and asked the guard to allow him.. Anitha scold him by saying you are arriving to wedding why do you shave and come… Sashi said if I shaved I will lost my beauty… Anitha mocked at him… the latter, Sashi mock at Veerashingam..

Anitha, Veerashingam and Sashi are standing in front of entrance and welcomed everyone.. At that moment Kathir’s mother and sister arrived to the wedding hall. Veerashingam noticed them and asked Anitha to looked at.. Anitha looked at them and said I won’t allow them…

Kathir’s mother and sister arrives near the entrance of the wedding hall.. Anitha humiliates them..

Sashi intervenes and tries to stop Anitha from humiliating Sathya’s family at the wedding..  but she won’t listen him.. She constantly humiliates them.. Suddenly one big car arrives with lot of guards…Anitha looked at that…

Prabu and Sathya come disguised as Dinesh’s relatives.. Anitha and Veerashingam believed them as a Dinesh’s relatives… Prabu looked at the wedding hall and said how small this is…. why this Kumaravel conduct this marriage in this small hall… call him asked him to stop the marriage.. Anitha noticed everything and asked her husband to be quiet..

Prabu and Sathya came near the entrance and mock at Veerashingam and Anitha…  Veerashingam and Anitha became quietly.. Sathya and Prabu noticed Kathir’s family.. and asked Anitha why are they standing outside.. Anitha said we won’t invite them…. they itself arrived for wedding.. Sathya asked them did they invite you or not?

Kathir’s mother said I received a invitation from her brother… and showed the invitation to them.. Prabu asked Anitha what is happening here.. she is showing invitation.. but you are telling you are not invited them…

Anitha became afraid and said my brother invited them…. so I don’t know… Later, Anitha asked Kathir’s family to go inside.. The latter, Prabu and Sathya went into the marriage hall.. Anitha asked Sashi to take care of them.. Sashi agrees and went..

Prabu and Sathya arrives to the marraiage hall…. Prabu asked Sathya how is my acting.. Sathya said super… maintain this till end.. Prabu noticed Sadashivam and became afraid… Sathya tries to convince him… but he became frightened after seeing Sadashivam…

 Sathya asked Prabu not to show the fear in the face.. Sadashivam stares them… Suddenly Sashi stopped them and said hereafter I will take care you…. Sadashivam don’t know them so, he call Sashi to enquire about them..

With this the episode ends..