Sathya: Kathir met Soumya secretly in ICU

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Zee Tamil’s much loved show Sathya which keeps entertaining its audience with an interesting story line, is now gearing up for further drama.

This show revolves around Sathya and her love interest Prabhu .

In the previous episode we saw how did Kathir called to Sathya and informed to her he was in hospital waiting outside he wanna meet Soumya. Sathya tricked Anitha and Veerasingham and indirectly convey the news to him , kathir gonna meet Soumya disguised. She used Irony words to insult Anitha and Veerasingham .

They informed this to Sadashivam. When Sathya helped one random guy they misunderstood as Kathir whom disguised as wounded person . Veerasingham beats him seeing this his relation beats Veerasingham back.

Anitha pointed another guy and says it as Kathir . This time Sadashivam beated him but he turned to be doctor . He lashed them out . Dean ordered them to go to home leaving two ladies behind. Satya and Nirmala stays there.

Kathir comes to meet Soumya , Sathya send Nirmala to take her food. When Kathir about to go Nirmala stops him and ask to Sathya why did she helping him whom is the reason behind Soumya current state . Sathya deny it and explains to her that Sadashivam is the soul reason for Soumya foolish decision . He done everything for his prestige not even caring for Soumya.

Nirmala allow Kathir to meet Soumya to check any betterment in  Soumya health. Sadashivam came there and doubt kathir is with Soumya. He tried to check him but Dean send him away. When Kathir apoogized to her Soumya reacted back. Kathir happily informed this news to her mom and Sathya.

In upcoming parts Sadashivam announcing to everyone Soumya marriage fixed on coming 24th. What will happen next ? Will Soumya again take some foolish decision or Sathya will help her .

Upcoming episodes will answer to our all questions stay tuned with our space for more updates.