Sathya: Prabhu feeds to Sathya

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Zee Tamil’s popular hit show ” Sathya” is all set to engage the audience with its interesting storyline. The audience is in love with the lead couple Sathya and Prabhu. We will witness the romance sequence in the upcoming parts. Earlier it is seen that Prabhu and Sathya are spending some quality time and now its will be seen that Prabhu is feeding to Sathya.

In the previous episode, it is seen that Sathya giving a nuptial chain to Latha. She advises to Latha don’t postpone her marriage for her. Chidambaram visits Sathya and warns her. Sathya gives a fit to reply to him. Latha argues with Chidambaram. Saravana tries to misbehave with Selvi. Selvi slaps Saravanan. Sasi narrates all incidents to Sathya. He reveals the truth to Sathya about her accident and Vinoth’s attempt to kill her.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Indhumathi says to Sathya that she going to serve food for her. Sathya signals to Indhumathi that she wishes to eat with Prabhu’s hand. Prabhu says to Indhumathi that he is going to buy medicine for Sathya. Indhumathi deny it. She says to Prabhu that Sathya will only eat with his hands, not hers. Sathya nods. Prabhu smiles and starts feeding her. Sathya and Prabhu are sharing a good eye look.

What will happen now? Will Sathya gets the love from Prabhu? When Prabhu gonna announces his love for Sathya to all? The upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tuned to our page.