Sathya: Sathya and Prabhu won the title

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Zee Tamil’s much loved show Sathya which keeps entertaining its audience with an interesting story line, is now gearing up for further drama. This show revolves around Sathya and her love interest Prabhu.

Now serial focusing on how did Anintha framed Sathya as a thief. Sathya challenging Anitha that she will return her money within three months orelse she will leave the house. She came back to her tomboy style. how Sathya going to tackle the situation.

In the previous episode Sathya bike got accident. Prabhu entered into the ring and knocked out at Kumar the state player. Vinoth altimate plan to send Ajmal. Prabhu got beaten up but he remind the way Anitha humiliate Sathya and determined to win it and kocked out at him. Vinoth used one girl to mix drugs in Prabhu’s glucose. Vinoth entered into the ring and narrated the truth to Prabhu. Sathya reached on time when Prabhu fall down.

In the latest episode Sathya reach on time and learns the truth from Prabhu that he mixed drugs in juice. Vinoth challenge Sathya. Vinoth gets to know from Goons how did Sathya escape from the accident. Sathya knocks out at Vinoth. Sathya won the title. Sathya and Prabhu received the trophy.

What will happen next ? Will Sathya can able to escape from this drama or not? Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.